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Blogging is the central hub for your entire social media marketing campaign. Why and what are the benefits?

Welcome to a complete blog training curriculum that make the process of creating and operating an professional business blog easy to understand and execute. Owning and operating a blog is arguably the most important online component to a successful branding and marketing strategy for your business. Read on for the Top 6 reasons you NEED a blog for your business.

If you already registered for the University’s Blogging Service, please refer to the email we sent you with the instructions to get your new blog live and online now!

Then check out all the blog training courses within this curriculum, plus the University’s High Performance Blogging Service just for entrepreneurs like you! It has been designed to be the absolute easiest way to get a professional blog online and working successfully for your business. You will not only have 100% control over customizing your blog, but have a huge head start that let’s you focus on marketing your business versus learning expert strategies for creating a blog. The blogging service ensures that you will have all the best features needed for business blogging from the start. We’ve done that hard work for you!

PSMU Blogging Service

There is no more reason to be intimidated about creating a blog for your business, just easy steps to get it up and running! We have put every professional feature into the blogging service, saving you tons of time and hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Blog Training

Blogs, The Hub Of Your Social Media Marketing Activity

Reason #1 – Blogs contain your full brand story, exactly as you want to tell it.

Where else is your full story, your brand, told online in the exact way that you want it? Where else is your full set of value statements and engagement offers being displayed for all, categorized in multiple ways for ease of consumption by your blog readers. We all blog to help attract and educate prospects on the areas that match our own expertise and brand. Blogs are the holding tank of all information that we deem important to convey to our best prospects and existing customers. Your blog is then central to your online reputation and expert credentials that increase the ability to gain the confidence and trust of new prospects, leading to increased closing ratios!

Reason #2 – Blogs integrate well with all other social media properties.

Think of your blog as the hub, and other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as the spokes that feed into the hub for more in depth value, understanding of your brand and calls to action for how to engage with your company. In other words, you have a much better opportunity to close a customer if you can introduce them to your blog, where your full brand story resides and specific next step offers have been created without limitations (see answer #4 below). Thus, integrating your social networks with your blog, through a series of carefully placed and prominent links is an extremely important integration strategy.

Reason #3 – Blogs attract new prospects automatically through search engine rankings.

Your blog is the best opportunity for you to come up in the search engine rankings. In fact, companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than companies that don’t. Each new post that you create on your blog is another opportunity to come up in the search engine rankings. The longer you have your blog, the more content you create, the more ranking opportunities you have and the more valuable the blog becomes.

Reason #4 – Blogs have no restrictions.

Much of what happens on the other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have limitations and rules of participation that you must adhere to that limit your marketing activities. When your blog is created correctly, you have complete control over your content, how it is conveyed and how it relates to a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. As much as SEO has been touted by social networks like Facebook or Twitter, they are not going to come up regularly in the search engine rankings. Other limitations on the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube relate to the length of content and how it is shared, while at the same time imposing privacy related restrictions…all that can change without a moments notice.

Reason #5 – Blogs are your own property.

If created correctly, blogs are not only 100% in your control, but 100% owned by you. This is certainly not the case on the social networks where accounts can be suspended or terminated for aggressive following tactics or other conflicts with their terms of service.  This can also happen on free blogging platforms like and Blogger’s Please read this post for more on how losing control of your blog can happen to anyone. It would be more than just a shame for you to loose control of a social network account that you put so much time and effort into creating and building up a friend of follower base. It would also be more than a shame to not own your blog as it becomes more and more powerful and a significant search engine marketing tool for your business.

Reason #6 – Blogs are your #1 place to refer anyone that you are talking to about your business.

Blogs are the holding tank for everything that you want your target market niche to know about you and your business. So they are the number one place that you will constantly refer people to in order to read a relevant blog post, sign up for an event, download a file, connect to all your other social media, find your best calls-to-action that will accelerate them into a relationships with your business, etc. Your blog is a one-stop-you-can-get-it-all-here shop for everything and anything that is important to create and maintain loyal relationships with your target audience 24/7. What other online destination can do this for your business, exactly the way you want it done! Don’t hesitate, get started on your blog training today!

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