Reputation Management

Your Online Reputation REALLY Matters

Did you ever think that you would need to think seriously about something like your own reputation, let alone how to manage it online? In this Social Media Classes article, we do! According to a Pew Internet study on Reputation Management and Social Media, “Search engines and social media sites play a central role in building one’s reputation online.” The study also covers how activities tied to maintaining an online identity have grown.

What Is So CRITICAL About Having A Blog For Your Business?

Owning and operating a blog is arguably the most important online component to a successful branding and marketing strategy for your small business. This Social Media Training article fills in a critical piece of the puzzle to any online marketing strategy. Your blog is the one place that you can deliver anything you want to bring your brand’s promise to life exactly as you want it to be revealed.

Branding Your Own Success

This Social Media Training article focuses on the single most important asset that your small business has, your brand and the promise it makes! As a solo entrepreneur, you are your brand, and your brand is everything! Brands are literally the rudder for every action and decision you make as a business when it comes to attracting, engaging, and converting targeted leads.