How To Create Engagement With Your Target Audience

According to Facebook, “engagement rate is the percentage of people who saw a post that reacted to, shared, clicked or commented on it.”  For purposes of this article though, we’ll focus on the verbal kind of engagement. How do you get people to comment on your posts and other shared content? Create compelling content. This[…]

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The one thing you should NEVER STOP doing for your business to GROW

  As a new business owner, you’ll go through phases and stages. From idea generation, to choosing your niche to creating a marketing strategy and so many more. A huge part of your initial set up process will only need to be done at the start, but there’s one vital element that even the pros[…]


Is Instagram The Next Best Thing For Brand Exposure?

Over the past few months,  we’ve seen Instagram go from strength to strength in its platform development strategies. From the introduction of sixty second videos with options for Facebook audience advertising and more recently, a visual rebranding of the social media network itself. The latest news is that they are now focusing on creating business[…]