MLM Leads: How Important Are Images To Social Media?

MLM Leads And Imagery

Imagery is one of the most important parts of a social media marketing strategy. Why? Imagery is not only the most popular type of content posted on Facebook, but it also gets the most shares over any other type of content….by a landslide. TOP TIP: MLM Leads Use more imagery in your social media content if want more interaction and engagement! As you can see in the research below, photos are shared on Facebook at […]

MLM Leads: Where do great new lead ideas come from?

Screenshot 2014-11-10 13.04.57

This is a video about how I come up with a ton of my best new ideas for leads or anything else for the University. This technique can absolutely be used for creating MLM Leads ideas for your business too! It is quite simple and so powerful! Steve MacDonald, President of PSMU I MAKE SURE that I think about the business while out on my power walk, and I have my iPhone with me to record all […]

MLM Leads: Using Facebook Interests to Target Your Ads

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One of the trickiest aspects of Facebook advertising is making sure that your ads are reaching the right people. After all, advertising to people that have little or no interest in your services is a waste of advertising dollars. Thanks to Facebook interest targeting, you don’t have to worry about your advertising budget going to waste. This MLM Leads tip covers how Facebook’s interest targeting can work to your advantage in reaching the perfect target […]

MLM Leads Success: Turning A Likes Campaign Into Leads


I am sure by now that you have heard the countless stories of other Network Marketers using a Facebook Likes campaign to generate MLM Leads. And not just any old leads, but these are leads that are highly targeted to their business. These are also leads that are on autopilot. Why? When you go through the 6-step process below for setting your business up to successfully attract the right leads, then it is something that […]

MLM Leads: Facebook’s Cover Photo Secrets

Facebook Cover Photo

New ways for creating leads from your Facebook page? In this training, we’ll go over the easy steps to make your cover photo into a great lead generator.

MLM Leads And Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

Manage Ads

At the beginning of 2014, Facebook unveiled its custom audiences feature, which helps businesses target their advertisements around audiences that they compile. This feature has been expanded with lookalike audiences. In this Facebook training tip, we’ll go over how lookalike audiences can help you advertise your small business.

MLM Leads: What Is So CRITICAL About Having A Blog For Your Business?


Owning and operating a blog is arguably the most important online component to a successful branding and marketing strategy for your small business. This Social Media Training article fills in a critical piece of the puzzle to any online marketing strategy. Your blog is the one place that you can deliver anything you want to bring your brand’s promise to life exactly as you want it to be revealed.

New Facebook Column Ads

New Facebook Ads

Sidebar ads are among the most popular advertisements on Facebook for small businesses. In late June, Facebook began rolling out a new design on these sidebar ads. In this Facebook Training post, we’ll look at the changes of the new Facebook ads and how they will effect small business’s advertising strategies. Changes to sidebar ads The standard sidebar advertisements that have been visible in recent months show a small image on the left side of […]

Using YouTube Analytics

One of the first things that small business owners look at after posting a video on YouTube is the view count on their video, along with the likes bar. While these numbers are a good indicator as to how popular your video is, they are not nearly as useful as the data compiled by YouTube Analytics. In this YouTube Training tip, we’ll look at how to access YouTube Analytics and how to make use of this data.

Facebook Makes it Easier to Schedule Fan Page Posts

New Facebook Scheduler

To make page management even easier for its users, Facebook is in the process of rolling out two new updates to the Page Composer. These updates will make scheduling posts and including photos in posts easier than ever! In this Facebook training tip we will go over both of the updates to the Page Composer.