Branding Strategies Training Curriculum

The most powerful tool in your new social media marketing tool chest

This training series on BRANDING is designed to walk you through the ultimate importance of your brand, including detailed recommendations on how to create and then actually apply your new brand within your social media marketing campaign. No network marketing business is complete, without a well thought-through brand strategy!

Your brand is not only the rudder for every action and decision you make for your company, but literally molds the entire architecture for your social media marketing campaign. Starting out without a brand strategy would be like trying to write a book without an idea of what the story was about. Just as you wouldn’t just start randomly writing pages and chapters to a book, you also wouldn’t just start posting about things you think are important in a random fashion within your blog and social networks.

Think of your brand as the guide to a number of really important factors in your ultimate success:

  • Identifying your unique target market niche.
  • Learning to specifically and uniquely meet their needs.
  • Creating a content strategy for your blog and social networks that delivers HIGH, PERCEIVED VALUE to prospects.
  • Creating a keyword strategy that attracts search engine and social network traffic.
  • Creating “Call To Action” offers that generate the highest response rates.
  • Building credibility and trust that increase prospect closing ratios.

Branding Strategies Webinar Review

I have trained so many network marketers who were working really hard at their social media marketing, but their social media marketing wasn’t working very hard for them. Why? Because they didn’t have their branding strategy fundamentals down. They were just guessing at what was right, were scattered in their online strategies, and therefore were not receiving anything near the return on their time and efforts invested that they should have been.

Your personal brand is the underpinning of your entire social media marketing campaign and ultimate success. Use this series to start your online marketing efforts off on the right foot.


  1. KB says

    Branding strategies has really helped me out. It help narrow my focus which was essential and something I hadn’t thought of before. Thank you!

  2. Tammy Fuller says

    When I first started I really had trouble with this concept. It’s hard to change from the mindset that you want to help EVERYONE and narrow your brand down into what really represents you best. Then you can reach your audience with a consistent message.

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