Embedding A Post From Facebook On Your Blog

Embedding A Post From Facebook On Your Blog

An easy way to blog, add value and increase search engine ranking opportunities

Have you ever felt like you don’t blog enough? That it’s just too hard to write an entire article on a regular basis. Well, this Facebook Training post is about the help you out in a big way! If you embed a post from Facebook into a blog post or page, add a few lines of content above it and below it…then you’ve just created an original, indexable page by the search engines. Congratulations. Blogging is an important part of SEO (search engine optimization). That means you’ve given yourself another opportunity to get into the search engine rankings with the blog post that you will now have so easily created. Please also follow the best practices in organizing your post from our member’s webinar on The Top 10 SEO Blogging Tips to ensure that you are doing all you can do to get the attention of the search engines. By embedding this post, you will also have given your blog readers the ability to Like your Facebook pagedirectly from your blog post, or to click on the comments to add in their two cents over on your Facebook page. Please remember that you will not be able to see the actual embedded post from Facebook until you publish your blog post or page and then go to view it live!

FYI, to embed a Facebook post, hover over the post > click on the pencil icon to edit > select embed from the drop down list. Now copy the code and paste it into the TEXT mode of a new post or page on your blog. Now add a little copy above and below the post, and you’ve just created a new blog post…and it was much easier than writing a big article from scratch. It is a great way to share the value that you are placing on Facebook onto your blog with very little effort.

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