Facebook Makes it Easier to Schedule Fan Page Posts

Facebook Makes it Easier to Schedule Fan Page Posts

Scheduling posts and adding pictures made easier with new update.

To make page management even easier for its users, Facebook is in the process of rolling out two new updates to the Page Composer. These updates will make scheduling posts and including photos in posts easier than ever! In this Facebook training tip we will go over both of the updates to the Page Composer.

4-Step Post Scheduling

Once the updates have rolled out, page owners will be able to schedule future posts in just four easy steps. After typing out the update that they want to schedule, all the page owner has to do is click on “Schedule Post”, which will be a clickable link right below the update box. This will give you the option to select the date and the exact time that you want this post to go up on your page. When finished setting the date and time, click “schedule”, and you are done!

To make things even easier, Facebook will now also keep track of how many status updates you have scheduled on your Page Admin panel. By clicking on the “Activity Log”, you will be able to view and edit these updates at any time.

New Facebook Scheduler

Small business owners that use a program like HootSuite will already be familiar with easy to use post scheduling. But for those that run their page activity through Facebook, this update will make scheduling out future updates considerably easier.

Adding Photos Also Made Easy

In addition to making it easier to schedule posts, Facebook also made it easier for page owners to add photographs to their posts. Clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of any status update will allow you to add pictures directly to that update with no extra steps. You can even drag and drop photos to upload instead of dealing with file branches.

Every update that saves us valuable time is a good one, making this Facebook Page Composer update a welcome one!

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