Facebook Training – More Upgrades to Facebook Insights

Facebook Training – More Upgrades to Facebook Insights

New updates include information on when your Facebook fans are online!

As other social media platforms around it continue to grow, Facebook is still the king of social media; and as a result, it is the platform that small business owners spend the most time on. In this Facebook Training tip, we’ll look at some of the new improvements to Facebook Insights, and how the new information provided can be utilized to help you get the most out of the time you spend on Facebook.

Facebook Training

Page Likes and Post Reach

In the “Page Likes” section of Facebook Insights, users can now see not only how many likes the page has received, but a graphed out display of what has changed and where these likes have come from over time. “Net Likes” are broken down into categories of unlikes, organic likes, and paid likes. “Where Your Page Likes Came From” include data on likes that came directly on your page, through page suggestions, through your posts, and more.

“Post Reach” is also a helpful tool, letting you know how many likes, shares and comments your posts have gathered in addition to how many hides, reports as spam and unlikes they have received.

With valuable information on what your fans are responding positively and negatively to, you can make more educated decisions on what to post and how often you want to post it. If certain types of messages are directly correlated to a spike in negative responses, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should eliminate these types of messages all together; but you should try to understand why they aren’t working and make some adjustments.

When Your Fans Are Online

Easily the most exciting new feature of Facebook Insights is the “When Your Fans Are Online” Tab. This data was never made available to page owners before, and it gives you the opportunity to see what times of day (down to each hour of each day) your fans are on Facebook the most!

This isn’t just showing when fans have seen YOUR posts, but when they have seen ANY posts on Facebook, making it an accurate indication of when they are spending time on the site. While you shouldn’t completely neglect non-peak hours, you should obviously take this data into consideration and make sure peak hours are covered in your Facebook marketing strategy!

Check out the new Facebook Insights today and start using this great data to your advantage!

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