MLM Leads: How Important Are Images To Social Media?

Imagery is one of the most important parts of a social media marketing strategy. Why? Imagery is not only the most popular type of content posted on Facebook, but it also gets the most shares over any other type of content….by a landslide. TOP TIP: MLM Leads Use more imagery in your social media content if want more interaction and engagement!

As you can see in the research below, photos are shared on Facebook at rates that far exceed any other type of post. This is true for our members as well. The most liked, shared and commented on posts are always ones where some type of engaging imagery accompanies the post.

MLM Leads And Imagery

Facebook has redesigned itself to better showcase visual content and entire social networks now revolve around visual media such as Pinterest and Instagram. Isn’t it about time you started getting more visual too?

Great images don’t have to be professionally produced, but it doesn’t hurt to have images that catch your attention in a number of different ways. This is where a service at can be an incredible resource. They make it very easy to create images with collages, backgrounds, fonts, headline styles and more. The service is 100% free if you use your own images and their design elements.

You will be amazed at how intriguing your own images taken with just a cell phone can be when you drop them into a pre-formatted layout and add in a headline with lots of visual interest. Below are just a few examples of templates that you can start to work with for your next image on Canva.


And don’t worry about knowing how to work with the images, as Canva has an easy to follow “Design School” that has very simple tutorials at

We even use Canva to help create visuals in our landing pages and sidebar ads on the University.

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If you need more MLM Leads, then you need to put more visuals into your content and conversion strategies throughout your social media marketing.

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