MLM Leads: Where do great new lead ideas come from?

This is a video about how I come up with a ton of my best new ideas for leads or anything else for the University. This technique can absolutely be used for creating MLM Leads ideas for your business too! It is quite simple and so powerful!

Steve MacDonald, President of PSMU

I MAKE SURE that I think about the business while out on my power walk, and I have my iPhone with me to record all the great new ideas that I come up with while out. It is amazing how many ideas you can have, when you give yourself permission to do something good for yourself and to not have to focus or worry about anything else. There are so many great new ideas that come to mind while I am out and walking around and clearing my head of everything else it is amazing. I know that this can work for you too!

I use a smartphone app called Evernote or the iPhone recorder function to take down the ideas as I am out and doing my power walks. I never worry about what new ideas I want to put into place when I am sitting down in my productive time!

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