MLM Leads Success: Turning A Likes Campaign Into Leads

I am sure by now that you have heard the countless stories of other Network Marketers using a Facebook Likes campaign to generate MLM Leads. And not just any old leads, but these are leads that are highly targeted to their business. These are also leads that are on autopilot. Why? When you go through the 6-step process below for setting your business up to successfully attract the right leads, then it is something that you can just leave turned on.


The image below is right out of the Facebook ad manager for a Network Marketer that is also a member of the Practical Social Media University.

What you will see below is how she drove 4,136 new page likes over the last two months on a budget set for $5 daily. The result is a huge number of new laser-focused (because she chose the target audience niche herself) leads for just 8¢ each!


Now that she has built a steady stream of new highly targeted likes, she has a system in place that allows her to not have to focus on generating leads (which is a huge drain in time for most businesses), but focus exclusively on creating engagement, offers and closing the deal!


As a result of creating this leads funnel into her business, she has quite a list of accomplishments.

  • She has created 370 leads in one day from boosting a single Facebook post with an offer in it for just $10
  • She has increased her monthly point totals in her MLM by more than 700%
  • She won the top product sales position in her company one week
  • She is now breaking out of nowhere to be in the Top 50 this month for product sales overall.

This is a duplicatable system that you can do too! Just follow the 6-Step Process below.


Here is what it takes to set your business up to be an MLM Lead generation machine!

  1. Select the perfect niche to market your business (Read this article: Target Niches Are Liberating, Not Limiting To MLM Leads)
  2. Create a brand that address the needs of this niche in particular (Read this article: Branding Your Own MLM Leads Success)
  3. Create a blog, which is simply a website with a few more bells and whistles (Read this article: What Is So CRITICAL About Having A Blog For Your MLM Business?)
  4. Create a Facebook page, and start advertising for likes (A Facebook Advertising Webinar is in the Practical Social Media University)
  5. Create content for your niche that adds value and creates engagement (likes, comments and shares).
  6. Create an irresistible offer that acts as a Call To Action (CTA) for your niche to move to the next level with you in your business. This is usually a free offer where you collect their email address. Once you have that email, they become an official, highly targeted lead that you can openly communicate with whenever you want. The offer is usually connected to a page (landing page) on your blog with a form to capture their contact information. Our Blogging Service comes with all the tools that you need to create an incredible blog in four easy steps, specifically for Network Marketing businesses. Create landing pages, add forms, track success and basically customize anything about it. The blog comes with loads of incredible home-based business content too!

This is a process that you CAN DUPLICATE. It all started with picking the right target market niche and selecting the right brand to meet their unique needs from your business!

When you define a niche, you can create highly relevant content and Facebook ads just for them. This in turn boosts your relevance, credibility, trust and closing rates. Oh, and by the way, it also boosts your ability to get low cost likes that fuel the whole MLM Lead generation process.

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