MLM Leads: Facebook’s Cover Photo Secrets

When Facebook lifted its ban on calls to actions (CTAs) in the cover photos of their business pages, it created a golden opportunity for network marketers to use their cover photos to more effectively generate more MLM Leads by communicating compelling offers. In this Facebook training tip, we’ll go over the easy steps to make your cover photo into a great lead generator.

Adding a call to action to your cover photo

In the past, CTAs weren’t allowed in Facebook cover photos. As a result, the best a business owner could do to drive traffic to his or her website was make the cover photo as attractive as possible, hoping the Facebook page visitor would click through somewhere else.

With CTAs now legal under Facebook’s rules, there are no disadvantages to including them in your cover photo. Because cover photos are so large and at the top of the page, they dominate your visitor’s first impression of you and your business. Take advantage of this fact by including an offer or a fact on what makes your business stand out from the rest in your cover photo.

Turning your cover photo into a MLM LEADS GENERATOR

In addition to simply asking for some sort of action in your cover photo, you can actually turn your cover photo into a lead generator that collects actual contact information.

Since you can’t message people who like your Facebook page until they directly message you, it is a great idea to capture their contact information by using your cover photo to send them to a page on your blog that has a lead capture form. They simply fill out the form in order to take advantage of the offer that you are providing. Now you have their name and email to use for all future marketing activities!

How does this Lead System work?

When someone clicks on your cover photo, they will be brought to the photo in the Facebook image viewer, with the image description appearing on the right. You can fill out this description and include a link to your blog in the process.

For example, in your cover photo, you could include the text “Click here to sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive offers every week!” Then in the description, talk about some of the perks and add a link to the newsletter sign-up page on your website. When they click on your cover photo, they will read the description and be one click away from exactly where you want them to be.

Here is an example of a cover photo CTA from our Facebook page

Cover Photo

Cover Photo

Cover Photo

Facebook Image Viewer

Cover Photo Description

Image Description with link

By making your cover photo visually appealing and offering something valuable to your customers, you can create a cover photo that will turn more of your Facebook page visitors into legitimate MLM leads that are perfect for your particular business than ever before.

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