MLM Leads: Using Facebook Interests to Target Your Ads

One of the trickiest aspects of Facebook advertising is making sure that your ads are reaching the right people. After all, advertising to people that have little or no interest in your services is a waste of advertising dollars. Thanks to Facebook interest targeting, you don’t have to worry about your advertising budget going to waste. This MLM Leads tip covers how Facebook’s interest targeting can work to your advantage in reaching the perfect target market niche for your business!

Facebook Interest Targeting

Before interest targeting, business owners could only take stabs at certain demographics that seemed like they might be a good fit. For example, you could target your ads at males or females and pick from specific age groups or locations. While these tools are certainly helpful, they are still broad strokes that will result in a fairly inconsistent success rate.

Thanks to the Facebook interests targeting tool, you can actually set your advertisements up to only be seen by people that list specific interests on Facebook OR people who have displayed interest (by liking) other Facebook pages that contain your specific target market niche. Now you know that everyone who sees your ad is someone that your really want to reach because they have already self-identified themselves on Facebook as being in the heart of your target niche!

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Choosing The Right Strategy

Interests can be as specific or as broad as you want to target. Targeting super-specific interests may result in a higher click-through rates, but will only reach a small audience. Broader interests may not have as high of a conversion rate but will receive more eyeballs and potentially broaden your target audience. By experimenting with multiple interests you can determine what works best for you. Usually, interests that total under a million in total is a great place to start.

Facebook takes much of the guesswork out of the process for you by listing how many people have expressed interest certain categories or specific Facebook page(s) that you are targeting. Think outside the box and find the ones that are right for you and your business.

Facebook interest targeting allows you to have full control over your advertising budget by making sure that the specific groups of people that you want to target are seeing your advertisements. Test the market and take advantage of this amazing tool to generate more MLM Leads!

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