Online Reputation Management

The Best Engagement And Closing Tool You Have Ever Had For Your Business

If you don’t look the part of a trusted brand or deliver readily apparent signs of value to your target market, it will reflect on your reputation, your degree of perceived expertise and thus your conversion ratios of prospects into sales.  None of us are experts in everything.  So, we all need to rely on others that have expertise that can confidently lead us down a path to making any number of thousands of choice and decisions that we face every day as purchasers of goods and services. If done correctly, your brand (you), will simplify the complex and numerous choices that prospects in your industry face every day!

How are you going to be that brand that just, “Gets It?” And people recognize you for it!

You want a reputation that supports your brand and is beacon online for your expertise. It is mission critical to your business these days to have a reputation management strategy in place. Why? Did you know that one out of every two people that you meet in business today is going to search for you? What will they find? Did you know that the number one pay-per-click advertiser on Google is a people finding company? Did you know that a recent study found that more than 57% of adults went online in the previous 30 days to check out their own reputation?

Our Reputations Are Just A Few Clicks Away 24/7

Anyone can search for you online, and they will either find something that accelerates or slows down the natural purchase process with your business. This is the essence of why an online reputation management strategy is so important. HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS! It isn’t very competitive to control the top page of Google and other search engines for the few combinations of search phrases that are important to you.

  • Your name + company name (example: “steve macdonald practical social media)
  • Your name + generic industry search term (example: “steve macdonald social media”)
  • Your commonly misspelled name too (example: “steve mcdonald practical social media”)

How many Steve MacDonald’s do you think there are trying to be known in the world of social media? Not many! This means that is it not very hard to get on top of the search terms above, and it won’t be for you either. This is what is so great about representing your brand online…it doesn’t take much to create the look and perception of an established and trusted business.

What does it takes to be perceived as a credible brand, and trusted expert online?

  • If you have loyal clients, then you have expertise that needs to be represented to the world!
  • If you have products or services that you know will help people, then you are a leader for others!
  • If you have seen others be successful at what you know you can do, then you now have a path to success yourself!
  • If you have the desire and determination to succeed, then you have the foundation for expertise, trust and sales.

These are all excellent reasons to believe that you can be that credible, trusted expert that confidently leads your target market to a successful fulfillment of their needs. Remember, you are the brand, and the solution that you weave around products and services (the entire prospect and customer experience) is a significant part of the solutions you provide and the reputation your create. Remember, you are the brand. You are the solution provider. The brand and target market niche that you select will draw on your own past experience, passion, interest and strengths. In other words, you already have a foundation. Now it needs to be broadcast out to the world.

Here’s The Catch!

It is much harder to build an online reputation that builds trust and confidence amongst your prospects if you are trying to be everything to everyone. It is much easier to be a brand that powerfully simplifies choices and provides solutions the more focused on a particular target market niche.  The greater the niche, the smaller the amount of competition, and thus the easier the job becomes. You can again see how the process of selecting the right brand and target market niche effect absolutely everything you do, including your ability to create an online reputation that works for you!

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