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Search Engine Optimization is how you direct the right prospects to you.

There are two main ways that you can prospect online. The first is to use social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or YourTube to identify and connect with people that pass through your filter of who is a likely prospect or not. This has proven to be a highly effective way to prospect online.

The second prospecting strategy is what our SEO Training focuses on, how to be discovered in the search engine rankings for your business while people themselves are actively searching to meet some kind of unmet want, need or desire. They are looking by typing words (keyword phrases) into the search engines and social networks. Thus, the right keywords that you use in the development of your social media content and profiles is the breadcrumb trail to you online. It is your opportunity to intersect with the relevant portions of roughly 18 billion searches that happen each month in this country within the search engines alone, not counting the social networks.

This is a huge opportunity to create awareness for your brand with people who have self-identified themselves as good prospects. Why? Because it is proven that searchers are actively in the purchase process as they are typing their keywords to the search engines. Did you know that 46% of daily searches are looking for information on products and services?

The primary reason survey respondents search online first is to research the best brands to buy and to identify businesses that offer those brands.

Here’s the really good news! If you know what to do, not only will you come up in the search engine rankings and drive traffic to your site(s), but the strategy gets more powerful over time. The longer you have your sites up, with the right content and SEO strategy, the more relevance they are given by the search engines. This means that it is a strategy that keeps working harder for you as time goes on. Now you can’t just sit back and do nothing after you reach your SEO goals, because there is always somebody out there trying to knock you off your coveted rankings. But it is a very different strategy than one-on-one prospecting in the social networks. As soon as you stop putting out those individual efforts, the new business pipeline drys up. With SEO, you are building an equity position with the search engines that needs to maintained, but not nurtured every day! If you are serious about social media marketing, then a balance of both a one-on-one and search engine related prospecting is a solid strategy.

The SEO Training contained within this area of the University will put you light years ahead the game. If you are blogging (the most important SEO strategy) right now and not getting the type of results you want, you need to review this SEO curriculum.

Most bloggers have a general idea of what they want to blog about, but it’s pretty random. So they sit down to blog and create posts that come to mind that day. They may all be related to their business or industry, but have no consistent keyword strategy. The end result is that search engines look at your site and can’t decide what it is all about.

Just as you wouldn’t start randomly writing a few pages here and there of a book and then at the end see how they can all fit together. You need to have a content plan. A content plan and keyword strategy is extraordinarily important to make sure that you’re not just working hard at your blog, but making sure that your blog is working hard for you. The proceeding steps to developing a keyword strategy and content plan is defining your brand strategy. If you do your upfront planning right, then you won’t waste time trying to think of new content or irrelevant keywords any longer.

After consulting with an entrepreneur recently, he went back to his blog to re-do past posts in order to embed an enhanced keyword strategy off the advice from our discussions. His site traffic went up by more than 1,000 visitors a day…double what he use to have before. This happened because he is now using the right keyword strategy. The difference for you and your business can be amazing too. Just follow the instructions in this SEO Training curriculum.

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