Social Media Classes Tip: Avoiding The Top 5 Facebook Page Mistakes

Social Media Classes Tip

Avoiding The Top 5 Facebook Page Mistakes

Small business owners are some of the hardest working people in the world, as they are often doing five to ten jobs wrapped into one! And since many small business owners are also their own social media directors, sometimes mistakes are made as things get juggled around. In this Social Media Classes tip, we’ll go over a few common Facebook page mistakes, and how you can avoid them.

Social Media Classes

1. Not posting frequently enough

This is easily the most common mistake amongst small business owners as many simply can’t find the time to keep up with their social media efforts with so many other things going on.

But it is important that you find the time! Marketing is part of the job, and social media marketing is one of the most useful tools at your disposal today. When you aren’t posting, not only are you failing to draw in new customers, but you are also not keeping your current fans engaged.

RECOMMENDATION: Creating a posting schedule that you can stick to, go back to and not need to re-create the wheel over and over again. This is a huge time saver. Make sure that your schedule includes posts that add value to your target niche. This seems like an obvious statement, but one that you should really think through. For an example, please review our posting schedule live on our Facebook business page. Once you have your posting schedule in place, make sure to add in the posting tidbits that are timely, personal, motivational and fun to fill in between the seams.

2. Not responding to posts

When a fan of your page takes the time to comment or ask you a question, it is essential that you get back to them in a timely manner! Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any small business, and your Facebook page is a public window into your community of customers and followers.

RECOMMENDATION: Friendly, helpful responses will show other fans and potential customers how much you appreciate your fans and customers, while ignoring them will show the opposite. As you respond, ask more questions! Your goal is to not only respond, but to elicit more engagement. People respond more to questions than they do statements.

Make sure that you have a smart phone with notifications, check your email notifications and just stay plugged in. No matter where you are, it can just take a minute to respond to new posts and comments. You don’t have to be connected all the time, but make sure you check your page at least 2 times a day.

3. Not acting professionally

Now by professionally, we don’t mean stiff; there is nothing wrong with showing your personality and being fun and lively. In fact, you want to balance you as a business professional and you as an individual since people don’t want to engage with faceless corporations, but other people. Be professional and real at the same time.

RECOMMENDATION: Keep in mind that everything on your Facebook page is public. As such, when you are posting something, you should make sure that it is appropriate for all ages and not something that you wouldn’t want someone else to see, such as badmouthing or gossip.

To be safe, always assume that EVERYONE will be reading what you post; if that makes you nervous before posting something that you wouldn’t want someone to see, try posting something else instead!

4. Make sure you are providing calls to action

You aren’t managing your Facebook page for the sheer entertainment value. You ultimately want to make sure that people in your niche that you engage with become clients of your business. Don’t assume that this transition to a client will just naturally happen on its own.

RECOMMENDATION: Give people a reason to visit your blog. Sharing your blog posts gives people a great reason for clicking over to your blog where you have set up your business online just as you like, including all your best content and full suite of calls to action.

Use those three Facebook tabs that you see to the bottom, right of your cover photo to promote some of your best calls to action as well. These are mini billboards that you can use in any way that you want. Click Here to find out how to manage your Facebook page tabs.

5. Promoting your Facebook page activity on your other social media

When you have a Facebook page up and running with all the recommendations from above, you can’t keep it a secret. You never know where people are going to follow you and where they will get reminders from you.

RECOMMENDATION: Try using a social media tool like HootSuite that will allow you to update multiple social media accounts at once to save you time. This will make sure that your most valuable posts, with great reminders for what is happening on your Facebook page, is shared on all your social networks.

Please click through to find more information on how to get started in our proven, Social Media Classes curriculum for small business.

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