Social Media Classes: Five Steps to Success on Twitter

Social Media Classes: Five Steps To Success On Twitter

Tips On Tweeting That You Won’t Get Everywhere!

Just about every small business with a social media presence is on Twitter nowadays, but very few of them are getting the most out of the powerful web tool. In this social media classes tip, we will go over five steps to success on Twitter. Whether you are new to Twitter and need help getting started or a veteran just looking for a refresher, this list should help keep you on track.

1. Develop your personality
Anyone can tweet about anything, but only YOU can tweet like YOU! While you should always be professional and appropriate on your small business account, you should also let your personality shine through.

Whether you feel most comfortable being informative and super professional or light and funny, tweet in a way that reflects your personality so that your account has a clear voice.

2. Be conversational
Never let an opportunity to have a conversation go to waste! Be sure to reply to all @replys that you receive, and when you want to make the conversation public (if it is relevant to everyone or interesting), start the tweet with something other than “@name” so it shows up on everyone’s feed.

You can also start conversations on your own in and around your niche market to help create new relationships and followers!

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3. Make use of hashtags
Find active hashtags that are relevant to your target niche, and then be sure to use them! This will include your tweets in the conversation, and make it easier for people within your niche to find and follow you!

4. Add images and videos
Nothing stands out better in an endless string of text than a video or an image! Since you should already be focusing on images in other social media strategies such as Pinterest, get more mileage out of your images by adding them to your tweets! Images and videos are often more likely to be re-tweeted and shared.

5. Keep Track of Your Impact
Pay close attention to which of your tweets seem to have the most impact on your followers through responses and re-tweets. Is it tweets involving deals? Images? Inspirational quotes? Whatever is working, find out so that you can use it more often!

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