Social Media Classes – 5 Tips on Creating Effective Calls to Action

Social Media Classes – 5 Tips on Creating Effective Calls to Action

Turn your visitors into business leads with these five helpful tips

Getting visitors to your webpage is important, but converting them into leads and future customers is the real key to success. The most effective way to turn visitors into leads is with calls to action. In this Social Media Classes article, we’ll go over five tips on what makes an effective call to action, and how you can create them.

Calls To Action

1. Make Them Engaging
Think about some effective and ineffective advertisements that you have seen or heard recently. What did the effective ones have in common? In all likelihood, it was the fact that they were engaging. Whether an advertisement (or in this case, a call to action) is funny, colorful, or interesting, if it is engaging to the viewer it is much more likely to be effective. Think about what you can do to catch the attention of your target niche.

2. Consider Your Target Niche
Keep in mind that your target audience, and the most likely people to buy your products or services, is people within your target niche. When constructing calls to action, don’t use one-size-fits-all terminology; make your calls to action relevant and interesting to your target niche, as this is the group that you are drawing to your website and working on converting into leads anyway.

3. Have Actions Be Unique to Your Page
A call to action that could be seen anywhere isn’t effective on your page because it doesn’t stand out from the crowd and separate you from the pack. What is it about YOUR brand that people should be getting excited about? Center calls to action around exclusive products, offers and content that only you can provide…or only you have pulled together and packaged so well for them!

4. Use Action Words
A passive call to action may be glanced over and not even noticed! Make it clear that an offer is available with terms like “Get (your product) free!” “Register by (specific date)!” “Offer expires on (specific date)!” This way, your visitor knows they are missing out if they don’t join in.

5. Use Them Often!
It isn’t enough to just have a “sign up for our newsletter” link up in the corner. All across your site, encourage people to sign up or take advantage of your offer. From search engine traffic to social media sharing, you never know what landing point people will be coming in from; make it more likely that they see a call to action by using them often! In social media, make sure that your CTAs are well balance by the great content that you are sharing!

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