Social Media Classes: Could Facebook Be Launching a New Chat Room Feature?

Social Media Classes: Could Facebook Be Launching a New Chat Room Feature?

Facebook could be bringing chat rooms back to the forefront of social media.

Before Facebook, Twitter and Google+ were in existence being social online had a whole different meaning. One of the most popular forms of interaction online was chat rooms. Recent testing suggests that Facebook could be bringing chat back to the forefront of social media. In this Social Media Classes tip, we’ll look at the details of Facebook’s “Host Chat” and what it could mean to small businesses.


Facebook’s Chat still in testing phase

Facebook’s new feature is being tested among a very small group at the moment, and it could still be a long time before a full version of the feature is made available to everyone. Still, it is never too early to look at the possibilities!

“Host Chat” would allow Facebook users to set up chat rooms that they could control the privacy settings of. Users could set up a private invite-only chat or a chat that allows friends (and friends of friends) to join in.

Similar to Facebook’s current one-on-one messaging system, chat rooms would be updated instantly as users entered their text. While Google’s “Google Hangouts” are video based, Facebook’s chat rooms could be text-based like the popular old AOL Chats used to be.

What Host Chat could mean to small businesses

A chat feature on Facebook would be a huge asset to small business owners on social media. The possibilities are endless; weekly chats with you and your fans, contests, and more.

And with “friends of friends” also able to join in on the chats, Host Chat could improve your brand’s range by a considerable margin. Hosting a chat that included valuable content for your target niche would entice friends to invite their friends, meaning more eyes on you and your business!

Networking possibilities will also be available in chats that you aren’t hosting. Joining in on chats in and around your target niche, you will be able to show off your knowledge and work in some self-promotion as well!

Keep your eyes open for Facebook’s new chat feature, which will hopefully roll out sooner rather than later!

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