Social Media Classes -The New Google+ Plugin

Social Media Classes – The New Google+ Plugin

Google+ steps up its game with this attractive new look

Integrating Facebook and Twitter onto your blog has been easy for years, thanks to a multitude of attractive plug-ins. Google+ has finally caught up in that department, rolling out a new plug-in that makes website integration a breeze. In this Social Media Classes article, we’ll look at the new features of the Google+ Plugin.


A New Follow Button

The new follow button looks great, and is intuitive to use as well. Before a visitor clicks “Follow”, the button is visible with your number of followers beside it.

When your blog’s visitor rolls over the follow button, a pop-up appears, showing the user his or her circles and allowing them to fit you right into whichever of their existing circles they’d like (or to create a new one). Once finished, the button changes from “Follow” to “Following”, so the visitor knows that the process was a success.

Buttons can be added to the bottom or top of blog posts, for example. And if you already have the Google+ plugin, there is no need to re-download it or anything; simply configure and add it to your page.

Attractive and Customizable Badges

Whether you need a badge for your Google Community or website, Google has you covered with a fully customizable badge.

You can choose whether you want your badge to be portrait or landscape, a light or dark color scheme, and whether you want it to include your cover photo and tagline or not. Once the badge looks the way you want it to, you can select the width as well so that it fits wherever you want to use it.

Even if you don’t use the plug-in on your website, you still have access to this badge builder. You can build your badge and then copy-and-paste the code wherever you want the badge to be featured. Visit the badge building page on Google at:

With these attractive follow buttons and badges, building up your followers on Google+ should be easier than ever!

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