Social Media Classes: Top 5 Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Social Media Classes: Top 5 Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Everyone gets writer’s block sometimes, but these tips will help you break through it!

We are always talking about the importance of your blog and the impact it has on your brand; but sometimes coming up with fresh ideas to blog about can be difficult! In this Social Media Classes tip, we’ll cover the Top 5 ways to come up with new blog post ideas when you have a case of writer’s block.

1. Know your brand and target niche!
No one knows your customers and your target niche better than you do! So put yourself in their shoes. What do they want to read about? Are there any holes in the market that you don’t feel are being adequately covered, or you feel that you can add something too? Thinking in terms of giving your readers what they want is a great place to start! Plus, it is incredible how narrowing your focus to just what is important to your niche will actually open up the creative ideas and raise the overall quality of your posts at the same time.

2. Answer questions from your prospects
If someone is asking you a question about your industry, services or products, chances are there are other people that have similar questions. While you should address these questions on a personal level as well, you can also use them as an opportunity to cover a topic more in-depth and publicly to help answer future questions and show off your knowledge of the subject. These questions that turn into blog posts are great reasons in the future to refer others back to your blog where all your best calls to action reside!

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3. Keep up with current industry news
Just in doing your due diligence, keeping up with what’s going on in and around your industry is probably already a part of your daily routine. When something new breaks, consider writing about it on your blog, including your own personal thoughts and opinions.

4. Pay attention to top bloggers
Every niche has its share of popular bloggers. While you don’t want to write about everything these bloggers do, you shouldn’t feel bad about using what they are blogging about as inspiration; after all, if they are blogging about it, it is obviously relevant and interesting to your target niche!

5. Share stories
Everyone loves a feel-good or success story! If you hear a great story from one of your clients or customers in person or online that is relevant to your small business, ask them if you can share it with everyone on your blog. They will likely appreciate the consideration, and other prospective customers will see the great relationship you have with your customers.

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