Social Media Classes: Using Facebook Covers for Calls to Action

Social Media Classes: Using Facebook Covers for Calls to Action

Calls to action make Facebook cover photos a marketing tool

In one of the most exciting changes to Facebook’s policy for businesses in a while, Facebook is now allowing pages to include calls to action in their cover photos. This presents an excellent social networking opportunity for all business owners. In this Social Media Classes tip, we’ll take a look at how you can use Facebook Cover Photo calls to action to your advantage.

Facebook Cover Photo

Cover Photos become advertisements on News Feeds

In the past, including a call to action in your cover photo could result in the suspension of your business’s Facebook Page. But with this rule revoked, you should start using calls to action in your cover photo immediately!

When you change your cover photo, Facebook registers that as an update to your page, which is shared on the news feeds of your fans. So for example, if you were to change your cover photo to include a line like “click here for a buy one, get one 50% off coupon”, the new cover photo featuring this line would show up on the news feeds of all of your fans.

By clicking on it on their news feed, people will be brought to your page. People on your page that click on it will see the image, which you can “Add a description” to; and here is where you can add in details about whatever your call to action is for.

Cover Photo calls to action will boost marketing efforts

Not only will people who are already following you see these catchy calls to action, but everyone that visits your page will as well! And when someone likes your page, your cover photo will show up on all of their friend’s news feeds, along with the call to action that could entice them to click-through as well!

Give some thought to what kind of call to action you want to include in your cover photo and get to work on it right away! This is a great marketing opportunity for all businesses.

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