Social Media Classes: Vine and Instagram Changing How Videos Are Viewed

Social Media Classes: Vine and Instagram Changing How Videos Are Viewed

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a short video worth?

While other video services have come and gone, YouTube has been the one constant in video sharing for nearly a decade. That could be changing with Facebook and Twitter getting into the video scene with Instagram and Vine, respectively. In this Social Media Classes tip, we’ll review how these video sharing options work and how they could change the way we view videos


How Vine and Instagram Work

Vine is a video editing software that is tied directly to your Twitter account. Using your smart phone, you can easily record and share short videos with your Twitter followers. As a rule, Vine only allows videos to be six seconds long.

Facebook’s Instagram recently released a similar video-editing program for use on Facebook. This one comes with the added bonus of already having a huge built in network (all Instagram users) and an additional nine seconds of recording time, giving you 15 seconds to work with on your videos.

Shorter Videos Could Change the Way We Watch and Record Videos

Unlike a standard two to 10 minute Youtube video, there isn’t much time to get a message across in just six or 15 seconds! This may turn some people off of these super-short videos.

But there are some pros to Vine and Instagram videos. First of all, they are extremely quick and easy to shoot. Unlike a Youtube video that takes some time to shoot, edit and upload, these videos can be edited and uploaded in seconds.

Shorter videos are also easier for Facebook fans and Twitter followers to view, as there is no real time commitment to them. They will also have great replay value since they are so short!

For more in-depth videos, YouTube is still the way to go. But Vine and Instagram videos are basically a neat way to bring pictures to life. For example, instead of taking a picture of a new recipe you just cooked, you could snap a quick video of the first bite! Or instead of a picture of your new product, you could show a quick 360 view.

The possibilities on these shorter videos is endless; give them a try!

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