Social Media Classes: Why Straight Selling Online Just Doesn’t Work on Social Media

Social Media Classes: Why Straight Selling Online Just Doesn’t Work on Social Media

A focus on selling is great for business, but not always for social media

Every sales person has heard the phrase “ABC: Always Be Closing”. As business owners, sales affect our bottom line and must be the endgame to all of our marketing strategies. But that hard sell attitude ends up hurting many business’s social networking efforts. In this Social Media Classes article, we’ll go over why straight selling online doesn’t work on social media.

Separate Search Engine Mentality from Social Media Mentality

When developing SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, the key to success is pounding specific key words. You want to rank higher in search engine results so people are more inclined to buy your product or services from you instead of one of your competitors!

The important distinction to note is that people on search engines are LOOKING for answers. When they search the keywords you are working on, they are doing so because they are in buying mode (or answer-finding mode), so your SEO and selling techniques will go to great use in this avenue.

On social media, people aren’t always in buying or answer-finding mode. In fact, many are just looking to relax and be social. Whether it is catching up on the day’s events or sharing pictures with friends, people on their favorite social media sites aren’t necessarily looking to be sold anything.

Be Social Too!

With this in mind, don’t bring that always-be-closing attitude to social media! Instead of worrying about hard selling, your focus should be on being a part of the social community and cultivating relationships with current and future customers. You do this best by simply having a mentality of helping, helping, helping! Since you will be socializing with your target niche, help them in ways that are true to your brand. This also positions you as the expert!

Post your own pictures and observations, join in on conversations, and immerse yourself in the social aspects of social media. In doing so you will build trust among others on the platform and pick up new fans and followers!

Some of these new fans and followers will organically start looking into your business and customers. And when you drop in the occasional sales pitch or deal, it will come off as a friend sharing with the group instead of a salesperson looking to sell. There are a variety of ways to provide calls-to-action that accelerate your relationships online too, while averting a straight sales pitch. Giving away access to eBooks, videos and other types of downloads is a great way to share value, move the prospect along a relationship with you, and still be adding value all the way.

Example Call-To-Action (CTA)

Social Media Classes

Instead of selling, be social!

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