Social Media Courses Tip: How To Verify Your Website With Pinterest

As the third largest social network, Pinterest has been busy adding benefits to businesses. This includes better visibility for your website and analytics for your pins to see what people are pinning from your website. In this Social Media Courses article, we are going to show you one of the easiest ways to go through the Pinterest verification process with your website.

It used to be that your website was not quite as prominent as it should be, buried behind a little globe icon. Now, Pinterest has placed it front and center on your account and allowed you to verify that you own the website and then signify that with a little checkmark next to the URL on your profile. Having your URL more prominent while people are browsing your pins also creates better branding and traffic to your site.

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You might think then that Pinterest makes is very easy to verify your website, but that has proven to be far from the truth. In this three minute video below, we show you step-by-step how to use the most effective and time efficient way to verify your site with Pinterest. You will be amazed at how easy it is, once you know the insider tricks!

IMPORTANT: The plugin area does look operate a little different now than what is shown in the video when on the PSMU Blogging Service. So you will need to go to dashboard > PSMU Plugins > and then do a search for “Add Meta Tags.” It will find the Add Meta Tags plugin. Now click to activate it and refresh your screen. Now go to dashboard > settings > metadata. Then scroll down to the field for “Site-wide META tags.” Paste the meta data you got from Pinterest and that “How to verify” field you saw in the video and finally click on the “Save Changes” button. Everything else on the video should still look and work just the same.

If the exact instructions still do not work, please try this…

The Pinterest info looks like this:

<meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”/>

You may just need to copy the digits within the content field xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and put that in the plugin.


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One thought on “Social Media Courses Tip: How To Verify Your Website With Pinterest

  • I am having trouble verifying my website. The above video shows the old
    dashboard style, not the new one. I searched all the Pinterest plugins
    and found 2 that mention meta tags. I tried both with no success. Is
    there something I am missing?

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