Social Media Courses: Six Ways Google+ Beats Out Facebook

Social Media Courses: Six Ways Google+ Beats Out Facebook

There are good reasons why Google+ has become the #2 social network

Could it actually be that Google+ has grown into a powerhouse for marketers? Could it be that Google has a few tricks up their sleeves that make it valuable in ways that Facebook just can’t match? In this Social Media Courses article, we are going to explore the reasons why you should be giving Google+ strong consideration within your marketing mix!

If you were the owner of the two largest search engines in the world (Google and YouTube), an enormous installed base of existing users (Gmail, Google Reader, Google Places, etc.) and had the hindsight of watching Facebook and all the other social networks grow, wouldn’t you be able to come up with something really good?


Her are the top six ways Google+ beats out Facebook.

1. Google+ posts show up in Google’s search rankings. How long does it take before a post on Facebook disappears in the newsfeeds never to bee seen again? There are just too many other posts coming in on top of it and pushing it down and into oblivion. With Google+, your posts on their social network can come up within the personalized search results of people that have placed you into their circles. This alone is a pretty amazing reason to be expanding your following on Google+!

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Personalized search is the default setting every time you go to search on Google, until you turn it off. In the upper right corner of the search results screen you will see the icons shown below. When the icon of the person is selected, you are on the personalized search results. When you are on the globe icon, personal search results are turned off.

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2. Google+ profiles show up in Google’s search rankings. There are over 1 billion names that are searched on Google alone each and every day. Wouldn’t it be nice if your entire Google+ profile were to come up in search results? It can, for both people who are connected to you on Google+ and those that aren’t. With the personal results on, the top of the right-hand side of the search results page can display a good synopsis of your profile on Google+ when your name is searched.

3. Google+ has an incredible search capability across everything and anything on their social network. Facebook’s social graph search was a big improvement to what it was before, but it still doesn’t let you search what people are actually saying on their social network. Because Google is a search engine at heart, you have the granular ability to search Google+ across every post, page, community (like groups on Facebook), profile, photo, etc. with keywords. Why is this important? For us as marketers, it gives us a huge tool to find the right target market prospects within our niche in which to engage! Facebook simple can’t match this.

4. Google+ has hangouts. Hangouts is best known for it’s ability to do video conference calling with up to 10 people at a time, for free. It also has the standard text and image chat components to it as well. This is a fantastic tool for creating added value sessions with your customers and prospects alike. And if you want, you can stream it live across your YouTube Channel too!

5. Google+ has what they call authorship. Authorship simply allows a personal image of you to come up in the search results around the content that you created. It’s a great way to grow your personal brand and get a visual into the search rankings at the same time on Google. This is all done by linking your Google+ profile to your content. To understand more of how to take advantage of this for your business, visit

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6. Google+ has no ads. It sure is nice to be able to not have to see all the ads and promoted posts that come with Facebook.  On Google+ there is none of that. It is just a clean, pure experience for its users!

It is absolutely time that you look more closely at Google+!

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