Social Media Courses: Creating and Using Twitter Lists for Business

Social Media Courses: Creating and Using Twitter Lists for Business

Using lists on Twitter will save you time and make things easier!

For business owners, convenience is a precious commodity. Any time saved is time that can be spent being productive on something else or catching up on some much deserved rest! In this Social Media Courses tip, we’ll go over how using Twitter Lists can save you time when navigating and marketing on Twitter!

How to Set Up Lists

A Twitter List is a list of twitter accounts that you hand select and put under a certain label. For example, you could name a list “Family” and add only accounts of family members to it. Now, when you click on this list, you will only see tweets from the accounts you have chosen for that list!

To set up a list, click on the “Me” tab on the top of your screen on Twitter. From this screen, on the top left you’ll see a “Lists” tab. Clicking on that brings up your lists as well as the “Create List” button.

Twitter Lists

When you click on that, you are given the option to name your list, give it a description, and choose whether you want it to be a private or public list. Once you have saved your list, you are ready to start adding people to it!

To do this, click on someone’s name on Twitter. Next to the “Follow” button is a drop-down menu, and on this menu you can select “Add or remove from lists”. Click on that and you can select which list you want to add that person to.

How Lists Can Help You

Lists are a great way to organize your tweets. While your main feed is one giant flow of tweets, your lists can be set up to give you exactly what you are looking for; prospect’s tweets, news, sports, business, etc. Setting up a list of the top tweeters and bloggers in your target market will help you keep up to date with everything going on with just the click of a button.

Public Lists can be seen by everyone and shared as well. People are also notified when they are added to a public list, which could serve as a prospecting tool if you add people within your niche to a niche-specific list.

Whether you just use lists for tracking your prospect’s tweets, personal organizing or use public lists to get your name out there to others in your market, Twitter Lists are a tool worth using!

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