Social Media Courses: The Top 5 Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing

Social Media Courses: The Top 5 Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing

Video is a powerful way to create credibility and extend your reach!

Video creates interest, communicates complex messages simply, creates a connection to you, is 50+ times easier to place onto the top page of Google, can add valuable SEO backlinks to your site and is watched by more than 180 million unique viewers each month in the U.S. alone. This Social Media Courses tip is going to demonstrate the Top 5 ways to start using video within your online marketing efforts.

1. In Your Site – as a small business entrepreneur, creating a connection between you and your target is extremely important. People want to do business with other people that they know and trust. Because of the use of video that we use in the University, I (Steve MacDonald) hear constantly at speaking engagements people saying in some form that they feel like they already know me. Familiarity with you, if done in the right way, can add to trust. Some of the biggest internet marketers make fantastic use of video featuring themselves because is creates a greater connection and familiarity that is so important when you are ultimately going to try and close a sale. Placement of a key video message on your home page or the top of your sidebar can be an excellent place to convey your brand’s promise to your target market niche and start building trust.

2. In Your SEO Campaign РWe mentioned above that video is more than 50 times more likely than text based content to place onto the top page of Google. Why? The search engines in general favor multi-media content. Videos from YouTube and other top video portals constantly place higher into the search engine rankings. The first search engine ranking that you should target for your business are searches about you and your company. That is a perfect place to start placing your video content by optimizing it for your name and company name. Please see our Reputation  Management curriculum for much more detail in this area!

3. In Your Blog Posts – It is very simple to embed a YouTube video into your blog posts. We do it for the University all the time. Not only are video views from YouTube counted on where the video is embedded, but it also highlights that blog post for Google as another indicator of what that particular post and page is all about. Also, surround the video with appropriate text with the right keywords and it will help it’s rankings on YouTube as well. Embedding your videos into blog posts will also extend familiarity with you and add valuable color commentary to your blog posts.

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4. In Your Social Networks – As soon as you start placing video into your blog posts, you can share them automatically onto your social networks with tools like HootSuite. YouTube is obviously going to be filled by them, but you can also make great use in other places like Facebook by adding a YouTube Channel to your business page, or behind a tab below your cover photo. Did you know that you can pin a video onto Pinterest?

5. In Your Products & Services – When marketing a product or service, it is always a great idea to create a video tutorial, tour, or simply why this product or service is so important to your target market niche. Make these videos simple, short and to the point. The goal is to easily connect the dots for your target niche.

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