Social Media Courses: Top 5 Ways to Get More Comments on Facebook

Social Media Courses: Top 5 Ways to Get More Comments on Facebook

Following these tips should lead to more activity on your posts in no time!

Considering that Facebook is a SOCIAL network, everyone wants to see their page receive lots of likes and comments! While likes and comments will grow organically as you build up your presence online, there are some tricks you can use to improve the feedback on some of your updates. In this Social Media Courses tip, we’ll go over the Top 5 ways to get more comments on Facebook.

1. Have a posting plan for your niche
There is a reason why you are a small business owner; you are an expert in your niche! Why not use this expertise to your advantage when it comes to posting on Facebook?

Some people forget to make this connection and post virtually at random on their Facebook page. Give some serious thought to your niche and what it wants and is interested in, especially when it is online. Use this information to update your page accordingly! Posting plans should give value to your niche and at the same time give them a reason to comment back. See the example in the image below!

Facebook Comments

2. Ask lots of questions
Interesting comments or observations may receive likes, but there isn’t always an obvious entry-point into a conversation. By asking questions, you are giving your fans an opportunity to answer, which in turn can spark up conversations and debates in the comment section!

3. Post at different times of the day
Different people visit Facebook at different times of the day. It is easy to fall into a daily routine with your posting, but try to avoid doing so and shake things up with when you post. Also, keep track of what posts get the most activity, as that could be a clue as to when many of your fans are on their computers!

4. Mix up your posts
Questions are great, but they shouldn’t be the only thing on your feed! Mixing things up with tips, thoughts, observations, inspirations, blog posts and more will keep your Facebook feed fresh. In turn, people will be more tuned in to your posts, and will be more likely to comment on them.

5. Return the favor!
Comment on other business page’s posts! As a sign of appreciation, many people will return the favor and comment on your page’s posts as well. Plus, a valuable comment on another relevant page for your niche will grow your visibility and stature in that page’s community while creating a link right back to your page.

Being social is a two-way street. Put in what you hope to take out, and never leave an opportunity for engagement on the table!

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