Social Media Courses Tip: The Top 5 Reasons To Be Using A Social Media Dashboard

Social Media Courses Tip

The Top 5 Reasons To Be Using A Social Media Dashboard

There are so many social networks and opportunities that allow social media marketers to find and engage with their audience that it can be hard to keep track of everything. In this Social Media Courses tip, we provide the Top 5 reasons why it is important to be using a social media dashboard to help manage all of your social media activity.

It is important to note that nobody uses all social networks as marketers. However, it is important to be engaged on a number of the top networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and more. You never know where someone is going to follow you and choose to engage.

In order to stay on top and actively use your collection of social networks, having the activity come into a dashboard is essential for making sure that you are efficiently using your time as a social media marketer

The most popular and affordable (about $5/month for the pro version and free for the basic account) is HootSuite. It is a wildly popular social media dashboard and one that you will not be disappointed with for sure!


Social Media Courses

1. Social Media at a Glance – Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your posts, videos and shared images in one place so that you can see who is engaging with you? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to then comment and engage back on all your top social networks right from that dashboard itself (please see the image above)?

2. Automated Sharing – Your best content is always available, just as you want it, on your blog. It is the one place that you control the format, the length, the related posts and lead capture opportunities. So it is natural that you want your social networks to be able to drive traffic back to those posts. HootSuite allows you to automatically share your new blog posts onto your top social media sites after a one time, quick setup.

3. Schedule Your Social Media Activity – It’s not very convenient to always be online and sharing your posts. However, you do want to have the ability to appear to be present even when you are not. You may be working, on vacation or simply taking care of other priorities. The good news is that HootSuite will allow you to schedule your posts so that they can be sprinkled out to your social networks when and where you want them.

4. Prospecting On Steroids – One of the best aspects of social media marketing is the ability to search the social networks and identify new, highly targeted prospects for your business. By using a dashboard such as HootSuite, you can have an entire screen of potential prospects across numerous search terms and social networks, all in one place.

5. Maintaining Your Expert Status – When something new happens in virtually any industry these days, the social networks are among the very first to have the news. Setting up and following the social activity of influencers in your industry will help keep you up to speed, informed and on the cutting edge. Maintaining your expert status is directly connected to being “in the know” and relating what is important to your target niche.

If you are not already using HootSuite, then we suggest that you start as soon as you can. We have a full training video on the service that makes the startup process super simple.

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