Social Media Courses Tip: Using Pinterest For Calls to Action

Social Media Courses Tip

Using Pinterest For Calls to Action

Pinterest understands and accommodates businesses quite well on their social network. Still, some small businesses aren’t making the most of Pinterest, whether they aren’t using it at all or are just using it to share random pictures. In this Social Media Courses tip, we’ll go over setting up a call to action pins on Pinterest.

Pitching Hot Products or Offers on Pinterest

One effective way to generate buzz on Pinterest is to create a board that advertises products and services that are available for your target market niche. Make it clear in the title and description of this board that your offers are great ways to get started, are time-sensitive deals or whatever makes sense for your business to motivate people to take the next step towards becoming a customer or client.

Pinterest Board Example Title & Description

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Pinterest Board Example Pin

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In doing so, you set the tone for the pins that you will be assigning to this board. First, find an image that is relevant to the product or service you are offering. That image could be your call to action ad from your blog.

Then pin this item to the board with all of the details that you think will drive a higher conversion rate for your offers. This might include timing, prices, features, promotions, etc!

You may want to keep a board like this one constantly fresh, removing old pins and adding new ones so that all deals are up-to-date. You may also have your evergreen specials or offers that makes sense to always have up in front of your audience.

Exclusive Content Can Also Be Used as a Call to Action

Instead of advertising offers and products, maybe you want to switch your focus to generating new leads. Once you have built up some premium content on your blog that can only be seen by people who opt-in, you have a great landing page to send people to from Pinterest. See the image above for our “Getting Started Series” that uses this strategy.

Using attractive images and detailed descriptions, you can advertise the content that will be available to your Pinterest visitors if they opt in on your site; another call to action. These pins can be linked to your landing page, so that traffic on Pinterest can lead directly to sign-ups on your webpage!

When using Pinterest, think of it as more than just a place to pin pictures, and instead a place to pin calls to action that can help your small business prosper!

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