Social Media Training Tip: Promoting Your Blog Posts With Your Facebook Page Tabs

Social Media Training Tip

Promoting Your Blog Posts With Your Facebook Page Tabs

Since you put some of your best content development efforts into creating blog posts, it is a natural next step to make sure they get shared in as many places as possible. In this Social Media Training article, we are going to show you a step-by-step, simple way to get your blog posts featured in one of the visual tabs right below your Facebook page’s cover photo.

When you are done, you’ll have a brand new, visual tab that could look just like the one in the image below that redirects people right back to your blog. This same how-to process can be used to create additional tabs to direct your Facebook page visitors to any URL that you want. Please note, this tutorial only applies to business pages on Facebook, not personal profiles.

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From start to finish, this process is something that should literally take you about 2 minutes to complete if you follow these easy steps. Before starting, open Facebook in another tab in your browser so that you can do the work while checking back on this post for the next step to complete.

Step 1 – Search For The Woobox Custom Tab Application

After making sure that you are logged into Facebook, just start typing the name of the app  into the search box on Facebook.

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Step 2 – Adding The Custom Tab To Your Facebook Page

Please click on the big green “Install Page Tab” button.

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Step 3 – Select The Facebook Page That You Want This Tab Installed On

Even if you only have one Facebook page connected to your personal profile, you will still need to click on the down arrow and select that page from the drop-down menu.

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Step 4 – Authorize The Application

Now click on the green button to authorize the application to work on your Facebook page.

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Step 5 – Granting Permission To Access Your Information.

Simply press the “Okay” button. This is a standard request from applications.

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Step 6 – Have The Tab Redirect To Your Blog

The page source area shown below is towards the top of the page that you will now be on. There is very little to do on this page. Right now, just select on the “Redirect”  choice and place the URL destination (to your blog or page where all your recent blog posts are listed) into the box.

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Step 7 – Enter The Text For Your Tab

Simply type in the text that you want to display below the tab’s image.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 6.13.16 AM

Step 8 – Upload A Custom Image For Your Tab

This may be the only part of this process that takes more than two minutes. If you do not have an image to use, then I would suggest creating an account on a stock photography site like There is also a short webinar in the University entitled, “How To Edit Your Images Quickly And Easily.” The webinar shows you how to edit images with free tools readily available online.

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Once you have created your image (that must match the dimensions shown here), just click on the “Change Tab Image” link and then the “Choose File” button to upload your new image.

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Step 9 – Save Your Settings

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Step 10 – The Last Two Clicks

Just click the next two buttons in sequence and you have added the tab to your Facebook page.

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Social Media Training

Step 11 – Position Your Tab

If you have a good amount of other tabs already on your Facebook page, you may need to reposition this new tab to be one of the three that displays right below the cover photo. You can do that by clicking on the down arrow to the far right of the tabs that are currently displaying. That will bring up other tabs that you have installed. Hover over your new tab and click on the pencil icon that appears in the upper, right corner. Then simply select which of the three tabs that are currently displaying under the cover photo that you want to swap with for that coveted position. If you do not have all three tabs already set, then this new tab will automatically appear below the cover photo.

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You are all done. Congratulations!

Please click through to find more information on how to get started on your own Social Media Training curriculum.

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