Social Media Training: Building Up Your Pinterest Following On Facebook

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Learn How To Build Up Your Pinterest Following with Facebook

After Facebook and Twitter, there isn’t a more popular social media platform in the world right now than the image-driven Pinterest. And while personal Facebook accounts are easy to integrate with Pinterest automatically (click on your account name > settings, and then scroll to the bottom for sharing options with Twitter and your Facebook personal profile), business pages must do so manually; a task that is perplexing to many small businesses. In this Social Media Training tip, we’ll give you some tips on how to build your Pinterest base up through Facebook in pages.

Integrating Your Facebook and Pinterest Pages

The first step is to make sure that people who have liked your Facebook page see your activity on Pinterest! In a status update, you can easily link to your Pinterest page and let them see what they’ll gain from following you on both Pinterest and Facebook…but there is so much more that you can do!

Some small businesses make the mistake of simply uploading the same pictures to both Pinterest and their Facebook pages and not doing anything unique on Pinterest. But remember, different people have different social media preferences and spend their time in different ways; the more platforms you are inter-connecting with your social media base, the better! By running contests, highlighting events, showcasing your blog posts or simply adding pictures exclusive to Pinterest (and then promoting that on your Facebook page and personal profile), you are giving people a reason to follow you on Pinterest as well.

Another way to promote your Pinterest page on Facebook is to link to and promote specific Pinterest boards on Facebook. If you are a small business revolving around health and fitness, for example, you might have separate Pinterest boards for pictures of workout routines, happy customers, and healthy meals. Promoting each of these separately over the span of a week or two (and then doing the same thing again once a month or so) will let your Facebook connections see all of the great images and topics they will have more exposure to by keeping up with you on Pinterest!

Getting even more specific than posting your Pinterest page or a specific board is posting a single Pinterest pin to your Facebook timeline. Thanks to Facebook’s automatic link expanding technology, adding a direct link to a pin will display the image featured along with the name of the board that includes that pin and the caption that has been added to it. This attractive display will certainly catch the eyes of your Facebook followers, especially if it is an interesting and relevant pin!

You are putting in the hard work to building and maintaining your Pinterest boards; make sure you are also taking the next step and building up their exposure on Facebook! It will also add to the interactions and commentary on both Facebook and Pinterest at the same time!

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  • Learning so much everyday. The excitement builds as I prepare myself to start building my site and using all that I am mentally capturing. I feel like a kid with a new toy and I am not ready to put it down yet. I find it challenging to stop at night, because I want to keep learning all that the newest technology and you have to offer. Thank you

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