Social Media Training: Give Something Away For Free

Social Media Training: Give Something Away For Free

The best things in life are free, and that’s true in social networking too!

Everyone loves receiving things for free, which is why free giveaways are one of the oldest and most successful marketing tactics available to businesses big and small alike. In this Social Media Training tip, we’ll cover all of the reasons why a free giveaway is a great way to boost up your marketing efforts.

Give people a chance to experience your brand

Anything can make for a great free giveaway! Whether you are offering a sample to one of your products, access to a normally restricted area of your website, or a free download, giving away something for free is a great way to pique curiosity and serves as an effective call to action.

In that regard, free giveaways are a perfect way to give potential customers a chance to experience your brand without making a financial commitment beforehand. They can also reward current customers for their loyalty!

Free Giveaway Example

Other benefits to free giveaways

Part of letting people experience your brand for free includes building up familiarity and trust in your expertise. While these aspects of your brand are likely on display due to your social media marketing efforts, experiencing them first hand is a much more rewarding experience to the consumer.

Free offers, like in the image above, can also be great ways to start gathering names for prospecting, or place into an autoresponder email program. It is a smart strategy to be collecting names to remarket to again in the future.

Free giveaways can also be shared! Think about it; when you receive something useful for free or get a great deal on something, aren’t you excited to tell your friends and family about it so they can get in on it as well? Not only will your free giveaway help turn potential customers into actual customers, it will also generate new leads through word-of-mouth and sharing!

Some people worry that giving things away cuts profit, but that is the wrong way of looking at it; simply look at the cost of a giveaway as a marketing expense that is a low-risk opportunity to pay for itself and generate a profit with the new customers you will be bringing in!
Consider how a free giveaway can spark your marketing efforts and try having one soon!

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