Social Media Training – 7 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media Training – 7 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Make sure that you aren’t committing any of these Twitter no-nos!

Twitter is an extremely helpful social media tool that has become a necessary ingredient to every small business’s social networking strategy. But despite its popularity, there are still plenty of businesses out there who aren’t using it correctly and are guilty of some Twitter faux pas. In this Social Media Training tip, we’ll go over seven mistakes to avoid on Twitter.

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1. Having a “protected” account
This may seem like an obvious one, but many small businesses have their tweets protected for one reason or another. This is definitely not a good idea, as the point to being on Twitter is to spread and showcase your brand to everyone, not to hide it!

2. Having an incomplete or boring profile
Before someone makes the decision to follow you, they are likely to look over your profile to see what you are about. A profile bio and picture that are generic and bland are less likely to convert viewers to followers than an interesting and inviting one!

3. Trying to make hard sales
Twitter is a place for starting and cultivating relationships that will eventually lead to deals, not a place to close them. Don’t push for sales on a personal or widespread level; focus on being a part of the community and driving people to your website organically.

4. Tweeting inconsistently
If you are just making the occasional post here and there, you are doing you and your small business a disservice. Get on a consistent posting schedule and tweet regularly, giving people a chance to see and get to know your brand!

5. Ignoring posts to you or about you
Make it a point to check your interactions on a daily basis, and to answer any questions or comments sent your way! This shows attention to detail and customer service on your part to everyone, and will make those you are interacting with happy as well.

6. Tagging people in posts inappropriately
You should use @replies when they are relevant, but throwing a bunch of names on to the end of a tweet that doesn’t concern them dircetly is not only bad Twitter etiquette, but an annoyance that is likely to result in a drop of followers.

7. Spamming
Constantly posting links to your website may seem like a good idea to beginners looking to get their name out there, but this is in fact a form of spamming, which will be ignored by most of the Twitter community and will make it difficult to gain and retain followers. Focus on quality, unique tweets instead!

Happy tweeting!

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