Social Media Training: Instagram Now Works With Video

Social Media Training: Instagram Works With Video

You can now take and share :15 videos on Instagram!

With over 130 million people now using Instagram, it has become a staple in taking and sharing photos online. On June 20th, Instagram announced that they are now adding video to the mix. In this Social Media Training update, we are not only going to talk about what new features around video Instagram has just announced, but how it relates to us as marketers.

“This is the same Instagram we all know and love, but it moves.” – Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom

Video On Instragram

The new videos can be up to :15, can incorporate multiple clips, come with new ‘video only’ filters, work the same as images with descriptions and hashtags and are super easy to use. The capabilities are also avaailable on both iPhone and Android as well.

  1. Tap  at the bottom of the app
  2. Tap  to switch from camera to video
  3. Press and hold  to start recording
  4. Lift your finger off the button to stop recording
  5. Tap Next to add a filter and share your video

There are two very smart features with Instagram video.

First, you can record and delete clips for your video.

Simply lift your finger off  to pause recording. Tap and hold the record button again when you’re ready to record your next clip. You can delete a previous clip in your video by tapping  and then tapping the trash can to confirm. Keep in mind, the maximum video length is 15 seconds.

The second feature is called Cinema. It appears to do a phenomenal job with image stabilization. All the shakiness from taking video through a smart phone appears to pretty much just go away. According to the Instragram blog, the Cinema feature is only available on the iPhone.

What does this mean for us as marketers?

First off, it means that more people will adopt and use Instagram in more ways, expanding it’s reach and thus total opportunity for us as marketers. Secondly, there are now more ways to share for you and your small business. You can share anything from behind the scenes footage, demos, testimonials, events, or even you own thoughts of the day. With the reverse camera feature, just take a short video of yourself with inspirations, tips, updates or whatever you can think about. This is an incredible opportunity to share, ADD value and engage!

For a preview of what this feature looks like, please check it out on Instagram’s blog…

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