Social Media Training: Top 5 Tips for Finding Time for Social Media

Social Media Training: Top 5 Tips for Finding Time for Social Media

Time can be difficult to come by, but these tips will help you save and find it!

By this point, everyone knows that social networking is critical to a successful online marketing campaign. But some small business owners still aren’t putting in the effort on social media simply because they can’t find the time! In this Social Media Training tip, we’ll give you five tips on how to find time for social media.

1. Schedule it in

Most people use social media for personal use when they aren’t busy working. Not only does this not work well for small business owners who are ALWAYS working, but it also takes the wrong approach to social networking as other things are always being prioritized ahead of it.

Treat social media marketing as another task that is a part of your work day. Schedule it in with all of the other things you need to get done. It isn’t about finding time, it is about making time!

2. Integrate multiple social media accounts

Free-to-use web tools such as HootSuite work wonders in helping you cut down on the time you spend on social media. By integrating your various social media platforms together, you can update many accounts at once instead of handling each one individually.

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3. Use Auto-scheduling

HootSuite also comes with a handy feature called “Auto-scheduling”, which allows you to schedule updates in advance to be sent out during peak hours of your choosing. If you simply can’t find the time during the day to post, make time in the morning or at night to schedule your updates in advance.

4. Set up Twitter Lists

When you click on the “Me” tab on Twitter, you are given the option to build “Lists”. Set up a list with the most relevant bloggers and tweeters in your target market. This way, when you need to grab content to share or blog on, you can go straight to your list to get it instead of needing to wade through hundreds (or thousands!) of tweets looking for what you need.

5. Don’t get discouraged!

Building up a strong social networking foundation takes time and effort, and it is easy to get discouraged by low engagement numbers and feel like you are “wasting your time”. You aren’t! Every update and engagement is a small step towards the social media presence you hope to achieve. Keeping your eyes on the big picture will make the time you spend on social networking seem less daunting.

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