Social Media Training Tip: What Are Hashtags and Why Are They So Important?

Social Media Training Tip

What Are Hashtags and Why Are They So Important?

While Facebook is still the most widely used social media network in the world today, Twitter is a social media superpower in its own right and is one of the best prospecting tools out there for small businesses. When using Twitter, you will need to get to know the lingo, including “hashtags”. In this social media training tip, we’ll go over what a hashtag is and why they are so important to your social media efforts!

While this article focuses on Twitter, hashtags are incredibly important and used very similarly on Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram to name a few other social networks.

What is a Hashtag?

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If you have been on Twitter, you have seen hashtags in action. Hashtags are words or phrases (phrases that are not separated with spaces) with a “#” symbol preceding them. For example, #SocialMedia would be a hashtag for a conversation about social media. All hashtags can be clicked on, and clicking on a hashtag will bring you directly to a feed of tweets that are using that hashtag. This makes it easy to read (or join in) on a conversation about a specific hashtag.

Hashtags give much more precise results than a regular search would. Say, for example, that fans of the old television show “Lost” wanted to read tweets about the show and join in on the conversation. Searching “lost” on Twitter would bring up any tweet in which someone lost something (like their car keys), while #Lost would be used by people who were talking about the show specifically.

Why Hashtags Are Important To Your Social Media Strategies

Whether you are using established hashtags or creating your own, they can be a valuable tool for marketing your small business!

For example, if you want to have a contest or open conversation with your fans and customers on twitter, you can assign a hashtag to it. You could have people tweet a picture of themselves using your product with the #JillsProduct. Now clicking on this hashtag will show you all of the submissions that come in, and allow others to see them with just a click as well!

Or with a bit of research, you can find the most popular and relevant hashtags to your small business. Adding these hashtags to your tweets will make them appear in those keyword conversations!

Now that you know how hashtags work, you can start incorporating them in your tweets right away!

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