Social Media Training: Why Adding Images to Your Tweets Is a Good Idea

Social Media Training: Why Adding Images ToYour Tweets Is A Good Idea

They Are Already An Important Part Of Your Marketing Mix Anyways

Depending on how many people someone is following on Twitter, the experience can range from receiving a handful of tweets a day to thousands of tweets per hour. You can’t control how many other people your followers follow, but you can give your tweets some extra oomph to stand out in the crowd! In this social media training tip, we’ll go over how to add images to your tweets and why it is a good idea.

How to add images on Twitter

When creating a new tweet, click on the camera icon in the bottom left-hand corner. This will give you the option to upload a photo with your tweet. Select the photo from where you have it stored on your computer. You will see a thumbnail of the image you have selected, and your character count will be adjusted to account for the photo. Type out the tweet you want attached with the photo and tweet it out!

Benefit of adding images on Twitter

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an age-old adage for a reason; a compelling image really can captivate its viewer. And that is particularly important in standing out against a flow of other tweets!

Twitter makes it easy for people to see photos right on their feed. On tweets with images, the “View Photo” option becomes available in the bottom left corner. With one click, people will be able to see your image and liven up their twitter feed!

This trick also works for YouTube videos! If you include a link to a YouTube video in a tweet, a “View Video” option will be in the bottom left corner; so make sure you are tweeting all of your videos as well!

To gain and retain followers, the best thing to do is stand out from the crowd. Relevant and interesting images can help you do that!

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