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One of the easiest ways to get connected with new prospects for your business.

Because Twitter is so simple to use and has such great search tools built in, it can be a really fast way to get started immediately prospecting for your business. There are so many social media marketing strategies that require a bit of time to develop, that it is refreshing to use Twitter which, by its very nature, allows you to just jump in with both feet first. This Twitter Training curriculum has everything that you need to get started. We cover the basics of opening an account, how to understand all the Twitter jargon, introduce free tools that are must-haves over and above Twitter itself, plus show you how to start prospecting with the greatest return on your time invested!

What makes Twitter stand out as a tremendously powerful and unique marketing opportunity is it’s ability to search the stream of more than 500 million plus tweets sent every day. There is gold in them there hills! Twitter has some amazing search features that allow you to narrow down the raging river of tweets to just those that make sense to you in how you define high quality prospects. You have at your disposal the ability to search by keywords, geography, people, date, hashtags and more. You can also turn any search into an automatic feed that goes right into your email, or display columns within a number of amazing and free third party tools so that you never miss an opportunity.

You don’t need to have a large follower base to start. Just get in and get connected. Plus, the need to write high value blog posts, load images or videos and other more complicated content is less of a necessity on Twitter. You can link to any and all of that, but the only requirement for a tweet is something less than 140 characters. For this reason, and others already mentioned, Twitter can be an ideal place to start getting active and engaged with new prospects.

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Before you jump in, make sure that you acquaint yourself first with the right Prospecting Ettiquette and recommendations within this Twitter Training curriculum. You will be much more productive, more efficient and waste less time than learning yourself the hard way.

Don’t wait! Your best new customers are out there, hungry to learn how much you can help them…whether they know it or not!

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