Yelp Training

The Entrepreneurial Power Of Yelp And The Ultimate Importance Of Online Reviews For Your Business

Improve Your Expert Reputation, Search Engine Rankings And Sales Closing Ratios At The Same Time

The Yelp Training curriculum teaches what will be one of the most important and lasting parts of your social media marketing campaign. There are very few things in life that you do once, and then they keep working for you. Yelp is one of these fantastically efficient tools!

Yelp is one of the largest online review and ratings companies on the internet.  It’s strength as a marketing tool goes well beyond its size, mainly because it can do what you could never do for yourself…offer up the credibility of user reviews and ratings from a third party source.

83.8% of respondents said they would trust user reviews over a critic. (MarketingSherpa)

Reviews from regular people mean more than what the experts say.  At first it seems counter intuitive.  Why not trust an expert who dedicates his or her professional life to knowing more than the average person within their industry?  The truth is that we trust each other more than companies or their experts.  This means that your loyal customers, those who have used your products or services, can provide tremendous help in closing sales.  Amazon is the gold standard in using user reviews and ratings.  Why?  Because they work.  And you can put Yelp to work today for you…for FREE!

Yelp places the power of word-of-mouth opinions, the most important influence on purchase behavior, into your control.  Yelp represents an independent, third party service.  This means that Yelp reviews of businesses are viewed in a completely different light than any testimonial that can be easily altered and displayed on a company’s own website.  Yelp has public relations-like credibility behind it.  And the reviews live online 24 hours a day, eliminating the old-school, time intensive method of requesting referrals and manually wading through the call and interview process to gain valuable customer insights.

Explore the Yelp Training in this curriculum and see your reputation, rankings and business rise.

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