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The Other Powerhouse In Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

YouTube is the social media powerhouse that never seems to get the same level of attention that a Facebook or Twitter garner. Yet there are some amazing facts about it that make it stand out as one of the “must have” tools in your small business social media arsenal. Start with the YouTube Training Webinar as your one stop shop for learning how to tap into this social media marketing powerhouse for your business.

Seven great reasons to dive into this YouTube training curriculum now.

First, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

If you want to be discovered online through your keywords, you simply can’t ignore YouTube.

Second, YouTube videos rank in the traditional search engines.

This is true, especially with Google (which controls roughly two-thirds of all searches). Not only do the videos come up in the search results, but most often have an image associated with them.  How do you think that impacts the ability to get noticed and garner clicks on Google search results?

Third, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then how valuable is a video?

There are members of the PSM University who credit deep and extensive relationship connections with their prospects to the familiarity and popularity they have received from their videos. The nature of the connections that can be established via video without doing anything on a one-on-one basis, is nothing short of remarkable. Creating an online connection at this level is critical to gaining your prospects’ trust and confidence…which is exactly what leads to sales.

Fourth, people love how-to videos.

If seeing is believing, then video takes on a whole new role for business. For example, I know that if people can see me create a blog from scratch on video, then they are going to more likely feel that they can do it themselves too. Your online brand is constantly working to deliver value to your prospects and video has unique advantages in being able to use sight, sound and motion to quickly tell a complicated story or demonstration.

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Fifth, emotion is a huge opportunity with video.

Since you have most likely read the Branding Strategies curriculum, you also know how important understanding the emotional needs of your target audience is to the sales conversion process.

Rational reasons for purpose get your company on the consideration list, emotional reasons are most often the reason why one brand is ultimately purchased over the others.

Video has the best potential for taking advantage of your Emotional Brand Intelligence.

Sixth, video helps create engagement, connections and conversions.

New prospects will decide to stay or leave your website in 8 seconds or less. Video helps grab their attention, builds familiarity with you that is foundational to new relationships, and thus creates more confidence and trust…all leading to more conversions.

Seventh, video can help boost your search engine optimization for your other sites and videos.

There are ways to embed links in your uploaded videos that pass along great value to the receiving end of that link in terms of getting noticed and rewarded by the search engines.

Are you ready to start your YouTube Training yet?

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