2017 Prospecting Bootcamp Webinar 2 of 5

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“Using Social Media Dashboards & Building Extraordinary Relationships”

Webinar Agenda

  • Commentaries
  • Additional Facebook Prospecting Secrets
  • Building Stronger Personal Relationships
  • 9 Habits of People Who Build Extraordinary Relationships
  • Hootsuite & YouTube Prospecting
  • Is Google+ still a good prospecting opportunity?


9 Habits Of People That Build Extraordinary Relationships:

  • Take the hit
  • Step in without being asked
  • Answer the question that is not asked
  • Know when to dial it back
  • Prove they think of others
  • Realize when they have acted poorly
  • Give consistently, receive occasionally
  • Value the message by always valuing the messenger
  • Start small… and are happy to stay small

“To Dos” from this webinar:

  • Really think through how you are building extraordinary relationships with your brand
    • Write down at least three ways that you “know” that you can help your target market niche
  • Review the Google+ and YouTube Webinars
  • Start prospecting with Google+ and YouTube
    • Install and start using HootSuite
    • Start emailing new prospects on Google+ (in homework webinar)
    • Stick to your dedicated, consistent one hour a day
    • Keep organized in your Google Doc’s Spreadsheet
    • Make sure to reach out to 10 new and targeted social media prospects a day

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