2017 Prospecting Bootcamp Webinar 4 of 5

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“Using Apps for Better Prospecting, Tracking & Conversions”

Webinar Agenda

  • Commentaries
  • Hootsuite Dashboard
  • Instagram on Hootsuite
  • Pinterest on Hootsuite
  • Scheduling
  • Searching
  • Monitoring

“To Dos” from this webinar:

  • Watch the LinkedIn & Foursquare prospecting webinars
    • Start Prospecting with LinkedIn and Foursquare
  • Start working with Instagram on Hootsuite
  • Start working with Pinterest on Hootsuite
  • Start identifying the tabs and columns on Hootsuite that are going to be your “GO TO” sources for prospecting
  • Keep up the 10 new social media connections a day
  • Keep up with your scheduled prospecting time daily

Webinar #4 of 5 Archive: “Using Apps for Better Prospecting, Tracking & Conversions”

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