Facebook Training Webinar: How To Create & Customize Your Facebook Personal Profile

Facebook Training Webinar

Understanding Your Facebook Personal Profile & Implications For Business

Since Facebook is so big, it is guaranteed to have the largest concentration of your prospects – more than any other social network, based on numbers alone. Your entry into the world of Facebook is through a personal profile, aided by this Facebook Training curriculum. You need to have a personal profile created to get involved in anything related to Facebook – from staying connected to friends, to prospecting, to opening a LIKE page, to starting a group, etc.

Facebook Tutorial

Even if you have already had a Facebook personal profile up and running, you are still guaranteed to learn more about using it as a business tool, making the necessary customizations and the ins and outs of Facebook messaging, implications for the new Social Graph search capabilities and more.

What You Will Learn

  • What Is The Timeline?
  • Managing Your Timeline
    • Your Cover Photo
    • Managing Stories
    • Adding To Your Past
  • Setting Your Sharing Options
  • Creating Lists
  • Other Useful Tools
    • Newsfeed
    • Ticker
    • Subscribe
    • Messaging
    • Privacy Settings
  • Social Graph Search Implications

There are many effective ways to grow and utilize your Facebook friends network for business. This is where the social media promise of establishing one-on-one relationships (with the right targeted prospects) starts to lead to success for your business. Check out our Facebook Prospecting Training in the Social Media Prospecting Made Easy series after viewing this webinar to dig even deeper into your training with Facebook personal profiles as a business development tool. There is also a great webinar on the different marketing roles of a Facebook personal profile, business page or group located in the Facebook Training Curriculum!

This is a must watch webinar if you are serious about using Facebook in your social media marketing campaign.

The total length of the Webinar is just under 53 minutes. You may have to wait 30 seconds to a minute for the video to start playing. Many members are finding it very advantageousto watch the Webinar all the way through and then keep it open in a separate window to review while executing the recommendations.

To watch this Facebook Training Webinar, simply click on the play button below.

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