2018 Facebook Never-Ending Leads Bootcamp


‘BRING IT ON!’ for 2 weeks of intensive, step-by-step training to give you the jump-start that Top Performers call PRICELESS and wished they had as a foundation for their success from the start!

This is the best chance in the next year to get your Facebook Marketing Plan in place by learning all the secrets used by successful Direct Sellers to create highly targeted, never-ending leads on an extremely tight budget! Are your working hard at your marketing, or is your marketing working hard for you?

Bootcamp Rave

This bootcamp will teach you how to create:

A Never-Ending stream of leads that are perfect for YOUR  BUSINESS!

A Duplicatable System that can be used month after month to save you TONS OF TIME!

An Exact Plan for creating, testing and refining your leads system for the HIGHEST RETURNS & LOWEST COSTS!

This will allow you to spend your valuable time, not looking for more leads, but creating engaging content and converting more leads into new customers and team members.

Pam Moore
Click on the links below to watch each webinar.

Here are a few things to accomplish that will have you prepared for the bootcamp:

  • Bootcamp webinar recordings:
    • Webinar #1 - “Advanced Facebook Targeting Strategies” - Watch now!
    • Webinar #2 - “Facebook Live Secrets & Content Engagement Strategies” - Watch now!
    • Webinar #3 - “Expert Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies” - Watch now!
    • Webinar #4 - “Secrets To Increasing Facebook Ad Performance” - Watch now!
    • Webinar #5 - "Bootcamp Finale” - Watch now!
  • IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE A BLOG, then create one on your own, or register for a blog with the PSMU Blogging Service that was created by Top Coaches for Coaches. Please have your blog up and ready to go for the launch of the bootcamp. PSMU Blogging Service features and registration options can be seen at https://practicalsocialmedia.com/memberships/.
  • Review the “Branding Equals your Social Media Success” webinar (Step #1 in the FAST TRACK TRAINING) to create your brand and validate your target market niche at https://practicalsocialmedia.com/branding-equals-your-social-media-success/.