Social Media Training For Direct Sellers

Social Media Training, exclusively for Direct Sellers at any level of experience with social media or marketing! Generating leads online REALLY ISN’T VERY HARD WITH THE RIGHT PLAN!



We are in the midst of an amazing revolution in the world of marketing…never before have there been so many powerful communication, prospecting, lead generation, and sales closing tools available for today’s network marketer!

identifying-engaging-converting The great news is that all social networks are built to be very simple to use. Once you know what to do, it is easy to find and connect with others to create meaningful relationships that expand your warm market. We will show you the secrets behind using all the top social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and more) as powerful prospecting tools for growing you and your team’s business. We will walk you through the step-by-step training that has been time-tested and proven with countless other business owners just like you!


no-matter-your-previous-experience It doesn’t make a difference how big a presence you currently have on the top social networks. In fact, you could have just opened those social media profiles yesterday and it still wouldn’t matter. The recommendations that we teach can start to work FOR ANYONE on the very first day and then grow steadily in importance! Wouldn’t it be nice to meet a never-ending stream of potential prospects in your target market niche, from anywhere, at anytime? Lisa Crisalle Rave




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Read on as it even gets better!

what-you-can-expect4 You will learn everything a business owner needs to be successful to meet highly targeted new leads online from anywhere at anytime. Isn’t it about time that you invested in you and your business!

EVERY element of our training has been tested and PROVEN by other network marketers…this stuff works!! It is NOT time-wasting hype like so much other information out there…these are the secrets, and strategies used every day by people who are seeing tremendous success growing their own businesses with social media!

Top Secret If you want the most successful and current social media marketing strategies for today’s business owner (who almost always have limited budgets and time) then you need to look no further than the Practical Social Media University. Remember, our members HAVE PROVEN everything we recommend….this stuff is the REAL DEAL…no wasted time, no wasted energy…just strategies that actually WORK!!


What is a membership in the Practical Social Media University worth?

Well, priceless to you and your business. But we are offering TEST DRIVE PACKAGES for a very limited time with 6-month and annual membership options at deep discounts beyond the regular monthly price of $59, below $49, $39…now available for just $29 a month, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! This is an UNBELIEVABLE price that cannot be matched anywhere online!



Wait, there’s even more that you’ll get! With every membership we are also offering you a reserved place in a private Facebook group for business owners who are all learning social media marketing together.

This is where you get to interact within a community of other business owners. This will extend your learning potential by getting your personal questions answered, specific feedback, and help making sure you are headed in the right direction on your social media marketing journey. This is an incredible opportunity to have us and others participate, and contribute to, your online lead generation plans.

  • Practical Social Media is constantly engaged in this community, answering questions and giving advice
  • The group can be searched for any conversation thread, keeping the knowledge base alive
  • Meet other members, form accountability partnerships and increase your success

The private Facebook group community is there as a resource for you to tap into throughout the entire duration of your membership!Testimonial

Hold on!

We are also going to give you training every network marketer needs, but that is rarely found outside of large, expensive consulting firms:

“Branding Equals Your Social Media Success.”

This is a foundational training course in the Practical Social Media University. Every network marketing business owner HAS TO UNDERSTAND in a very simple to express way, what they promise to do for their target market niche. This seems incredibly simple, right? It’s actually not a very intuitive process to go through, but it is critical before taking any action to market your business! Business Week magazine created an entire special section on branding and wrote, “Without a brand position, you might as well pile up all your money (and wasted efforts) on the table and burn it.” Without having a clear picture for your brand and target market niche (which is huge online, by the way), you will be all over the board with who to prospect, as well as every other marketing activity you choose to use! This has transformed the social media marketing efforts of countless other network marketers.

Ask yourself this question…is your credibility the same with everyone, or will you have a much better chance of building trust, confidence and conversions with a defined brand and target market niche strategy? You are the most important brand, more than the corporate brand, because before any prospect will follow your lead, they have to believe in you!

If you have not CLEARLY and PRECISELY thought through your brand strategy and what you are promising to a very specific target market niche, then you NEED this course from the Practical Social Media University!



Let’s take a look at how a full membership into PSMU all adds up…

  1. A University membership at not $59, $49, or $39…but as low as $29 a month with an annual membership
  2. Plus…the Facebook private group with an entire community of other business owners, worth $50 a month
  3. Plus…training on creating the foundation of your brand and target market niche that makes everything you do as a business that much more effective each and every month, worth $99 (but really priceless as relayed back from our members)
  4. Plus…get acces to the full Getting Started series, a $329 value
  5. Plus…If you act now, you will have immediate and unlimited access to our very highly-regarded customer service to get any of your personal social media-related questions answered directly by email at NO EXTRA COST – worth $29 a month



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