Fast Track Training for Social Entrepreneurs

Everything you need to be successful using social media from start to finish!

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The FAST TRACK steps are designed to be used at your own pace. However, they were created to be able to get every necessary component of your marketing plan in place fast.

Thousands of other Social Entrepreneurs have gone through these same steps, provided their feedback and helped refine the process. There has never been a better time to grow your business than right now!


IMPORTANT: The members of the University that have had the most success are the ones that have set aside a regular time to be working on the FAST TRACK steps. They have dedicated themselves to the process, reached out for help and are willing to do the work to see the rewards.

I love the quote from Thomas Edison, "Recognizing opportunity is so difficult for most people because it goes around disguised in overalls, looking like hard work!" You have the opportunity right in front of you. And we will be here to help at every stage!


Foundational Steps:

Content Creation Steps:

After completing Step #5, you have laid the foundation for your success. The goal now is to start getting some early wins while completing the rest of the steps necessary to run your first low-cost Facebook ad campaign to your target market niche. This is key to having the perfect leads for your business coming to you!

THE FIRST THING we'd like for you to do is to start setting up automated replies to post comments if you already have and are using a Facebook business page. This is all part of a massive opportunity to use Facebook Messenger (the messaging tool on Facebook) to market your business and join the conversation that is already happening among 1.2 billion Facebook messenger users. Curious? Just click on this link to go to the ALL-NEW Facebook Messenger Marketing page to get started!

You may also want to start prospecting on the top social networks while you proceed in the Fast Track steps. You can be reaching out to your target market niche right this very second. We'll show you how to create 10 all-new social media connections with your target market niche every day!

As we discussed in the welcome video above, you can also jump to prospecting among those that have LIKED your Facebook page (requires a Facebook page and Facebook Like ad campaign).