Google Training

From Social Networking, to Local Search, Website Analytics and more for today’s business owner

This Google Training Curriculum covers five major services: Google+, Google PlacesGoogle Analytics, Google Adword Keyword Planner and How to Get Three Spots on The Top Of The Top Page Of Google! Read below for more info!

Google+ Social Network

It is extremely exciting to have competition for Facebook in the social networking space that stimulates innovation and makes the world of social networking a better place for all small business entrepreneurs! This Google+ Training Webinar will introduce you to a whole new set or online marketing tools that just aren’t found through Facebook. Google+ is not a Facebook replacement, but a new opportunity for you!

Managing Your Local Marketing & Reputation, Starting With Google Places

If you want immediate exposure on the top page of Google for keywords that are extremely relevant to your business, then you need to list your company with all the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and more. Ever wonder how companies come up on the top page of Google next to that map? This Google Places training will take you through every step of how to not only ensure that you get listed, but stand out amongst the competition! In creating the right listing strategy, you will also be taking a huge step forward to building a local marketing presence behind a rock solid reputation for your business. By the way, all the major search engines offer free listing services.

We’ve had countless clients come up on the top page by registering their business with the search engines and start getting traffic and calls. In fact, one company talked about how they were getting so many orders from people they didn’t even know, which had never happened before. This success happened in the first three days. Now, that same company has hired two sales people based on the business’ success from what she learned through the University.

The process to register your company only takes about ten minutes to get started. This is one of the biggest no-brainers you’ll learn!

Using Google Analytics To Drive Strategic Business Decisions

Have you ever wondered what it was that you were doing online with your social media marketing that was really working for you and what wasn’t? The great news is that most everything online is trackable. Check out our Google Analytics Training today!

We have everything that you need to know to track return on investment for your business.

What’s driving the most traffic to you and your blog? What segments of that traffic are buying most frequently? How many people come back? How do repeat visitors use the site compared to new visitors? What are the most important keywords for you? How do you know which keywords to target for even more success? The list could go on and on.

Without some kind of tracking software you are just guessing at what to spend your time doing within the your social media efforts. Think of all the time that you could be wasting! Google Analytics happens to be the best overall analytics package, is free, easy to install and use!

How To Own Three Spots On The Top Of The Top Page Of Google

Inside the University is a step-by-step strategy for owning three separate search results on the top of the top page of Google for your business. Seem too good to be true?  Want to learn more?

How To Research Your Keyword Strategy with the Google Adword Keyword Planner

When it comes to SEO, there is nothing more important than creating a keyword strategy that allows you to optimize your blog to come up in the search engines for the right keyword phrases that attract more and more qualified prospects. Every one of us will have our own, unique keyword strategy based on our own individual brands and target market niches. Understanding how to use the Google Adword Keyword Planner is the most significant first step in determining what the right keyword strategy is for you and your business.

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