Social Media Classes: Facebook Announces Hashtags

Social Media Classes: Facebook Announces Hashtags

Facebook Rolls Out The Ability For Users To Search With Hashtags!

Hashtags have been a huge part of how other social networks allow users to categorize posts. You have most likely seen them (#socialmedia, #obama, #nbafinals, etc.) live in use. Hashtags let people search tweets, posts, pins, etc. that are on a particular subject matter. In this Social Media Classes tip, we cover the Facebook announcement of hashtags.

Hashtags are already being used widely on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few social networks. They have become a staple in how we find information while social networking.  Here is a recent post that explains what a hashtag is in more detail.

The best way to demonstrate hashtags is to see them live in action. Below is a recent stream of tweets that I discovered after searching Twitter for #facebookhashtags.

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Hashtags on Twitter have become a mainstay. In fact they are used quite often in real-time around sporting events and TV shows.

So why is this exciting news that Facebook will now use Hashtags too?

It means that we business owners will have another search tool to find and identify high quality prospects on Facebook. By using certain hashtags, people will be identifying themselves as people in our target market niche. They can be people who share passions, interests, groups, etc. They also can be asking for help. Here’s an example of a good lead for the University as someone is asking for #blogginghelp in a tweet.

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There is only more good that can come from greater search capabilities through hashtags on Facebook!

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