Social Media Classes Tip: The Strategic Uses of Facebook Promoted Posts

Social Media Classes Tip

The Strategic Uses of Facebook Promoted Posts

Have you ever wondered what that “boost post” option is at the bottom of your Facebook business page’s status updates? Or the “Promote” link that appears at the bottom of your posts from your personal Facebook profile? Have you ever wondered whether or not these options would be right for you and your small business? In this Social Media Classes article, we’ll go over how you can strategically use these features to promote a select few, key posts.

Here’s what Facebook has to say…

Social Media Classes

What a Promoted Post is, and How to Use It

When you choose to promote your Facebook page posts, you are paying Facebook a fee to have it displayed more prominently on the news feeds.

To promote a post from your Facebook page, click on that “Boost Post” option in the bottom right hand corner of your status update. Boosting a post will get a better reach into the newsfeeds for both people who have liked your page and their friends.

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To promote a post from your personal account, simply click on the Promote link that appears below something that you have posted.

Social Media Classes

If you promote a post from your personal Facebook profile, it will display more prominently in the news feeds to your existing friends. It will not display for friends of friends. However, you can get very targeted with posts that go to just a specific friend list, and then promote them if you don’t want all your friends getting the promoted post.

When You Should Promote Posts

If you are following the guidelines we lay out here on PSMU and are keeping your social media accounts active and engaging, you will be able to get the most out of social media strategies without needing to pay anything. But in some instances, a tool like promoting posts can provide a nice boost to your efforts.

First of all, any post that you are considering for promoting should include a call to action. After all, if you are paying for prime real estate, you want that post to turn directly into sales or opt-ins!

We shy away from making recommendation to spend money in social media since there are so many great, free options. However, if you have a specific offer, event, challenge, new service launch, etc. that warrants a little extra attention, then it might be worth it.

You want to make sure that your promoted posts won’t lose their relevance right away. Something like a week-long deal is fine, or a general product or service that is always available. But a one-day deal for example would be a bad post to promote as it wouldn’t have a shelf-life past that one day!

Lastly, consider promoting posts that have sparked a good conversation in the comment section or received multiple likes. These will catch the eye of your desired audience, who in turn may be inclined to jump into the conversation or like the status themselves! And yes, you can promote a post at any point in time after it has been originally posted.

When you have an important deal going on or a new product that you want to make sure everyone knows about, promoting your post could be the way to go! Unlike Facebook ads that don’t reflect your brand’s voice, promoted posts are your content, unfiltered, delivered directly to your target audience from you!

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