Social Media Classes: Why you need to have a content plan for your business

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Why you need to have a content plan for your business

Whether you have realized it or not, being a social media marketer means that you are creating and sharing content all the time. That’s what goes out onto the social networks and your blog to attract and engage your target market niche.  This Social Media Classes tip will help you formulate a content plan that guides your social media content creation and sharing activity. Without a plan, your content can not only be off the mark, but a lot tougher to create in the first place if you are always trying to just come up with something off the top of your head.

Have you ever sat down to write a blog post, put out a tweet, create a video or share onto Facebook and just had no idea what to do? If this describes you, then you are a great candidate for a content plan, as is almost every entrepreneur.

The fact is that you have a very specific brand that addresses the unmet needs of a very specific target market niche. So the playing field isn’t wide open, but very appropriately narrowed down to what is relevant to your niche and brand. By the very nature of establishing a brand and niche, you have taken a huge step forward in creating a content plan by establishing a focus.

Social Media Classes

How do I create a content plan?

There is no specific layout except that you need to identify buckets of the top unmet needs that your brand addresses and write them down. This article is a good example of Practical Social Media’s focus on the unmet need of most entrepreneurs who don’t have a clear direction for their brands…a direction that would lead to greater productivity with all their marketing activities.

Below is an easy exercise to go through to ask yourself the right questions to help create your buckets.

Questions that you can ask yourself to get started with creating your top 3-4 buckets:

  • What is it that holds my target market niche back from what they are trying to accomplish?
  • What are their top frustrations?
  • What do I see them do continuously that I know I can help them do better?

After answering these questions, you should have some good ideas of areas where your brand can help them. Now write out 4-5 categories of ways that you can help within each of these buckets. Do you see how your are creating a hierarchy of topics that you can create content around?

Here is an example from the University:

  • Bucket #1 – Helping clients create brands and niches
  • Category #1 – Understanding the importance of branding/niche marketing
  • Category #2 – How to create brands and niches, including templates
  • Category #3 – Examples of brands and niches
  • Category #4 – Tactical examples of how brands and niches are actually used
  • Category #5 – Examples of how brands and niches contribute to success

You can see now how each category can lead to a lot of future social media/blogging content. The University has buckets for Getting Started, Prospecting, Online Reputation and all the top social media networks. There is never a time when I sit down to create new content to share and have no idea what to do. I have a content plan for the University and you can have your own content plan for your business too!

Please click through to find more information on how to get started in your own Social Media Classes curriculum.

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